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Zanco tiny t1 – the smallest phone in the world. A useful gadget or art for art’s sake?


I bought a smartphone with a 6-inch screen, and every time you feel irritated when it lies in your pocket, and you try to tie a boot? Are you annoyed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy a phone that you can easily use with one hand? Or maybe you’re just a dwarf? Regardless of the reason for your unwillingness to buy a big smartphone, I have good news for you. The light appeared Zanco tiny t1 – the phone is smaller than a pack of matches.

46.7 x 21 x 12 mm

That’s the size of this baby. The weight? 13 grams. Dry numbers have a bad effect on the imagination, so I will only say that the standard box of matches has the following dimensions: 53 x 35 x 16 mm. Zanco tiny t1 will calmly fit inside such a box together with several matches.

The developers claim that this is “officially the smallest mobile phone in the world”. In doing so, they add that it is fully functional. At one time, some companies created the smallest mobile, but in fact it was Bluetooth accessories for smartphones. Zanco tiny t1 is completely autonomous.

small phone

Capabilities? Modest

The manufacturer focused on the size, and the functionality was pushed into the background. Zanco tiny t1 boasts:

  • 2G network support;
  • Bluetooth module;
  • nano SIM card slot;
  • microscopic OLED screen with a resolution of 64 x 32;
  • memory for 300 phone numbers, 50 SMS and 50 recent calls;
  • support of polyphonic melodies;
  • the battery is 200 mAh (approximately 3 days in standby mode and 3 hours of talk time).

Thus, this device performs its basic functions, and even them – given the size of the keyboard – it will be difficult to perform. If someone was not given to be born a dwarf or a smurf, most likely, you can not do without a hairpin or a toothpick for pressing keys.

Zanco t1

The final product will have to wait a little longer

Kickstar has already started a company to raise money for this project; from the very beginning, the creators needed £ 25,000 to start mass production. At the time of writing this text, until the end of the collection there are still more than 22 days, and the counter has already exceeded 300% of the required value.

In order to get your copy, you should transfer to the project account, at least 35 pounds. Delivery is planned in May 2018.

For the work on the device, responsible company Zanco, which has been producing phones since 2007. However, I think that collecting money is more an element of a marketing campaign than a need for money.

Zanco tiny t1

A useful gadget or art for art’s sake?

Is there a group of people who really need such a small phone? Looking at the description of the manufacturer – I dare to doubt.

In the list of reasons why you should buy Zanco tiny t1, the manufacturer gives arguments such as “damn charming”, “if you are a computer engineer, you should have it” or “this is an ideal gift for someone who already has everything.”

There are also slightly more rational arguments. Zanco tiny t1 will fit everywhere, so it is suitable as a spare phone during trips. The company does not hide that the creation of the smallest phone was an end in itself.

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