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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is a smartphone or tablet? 7 inches is not a joke


The official premiere of Mi Max 3 will take place not earlier than in May 2018, but today there were first reports about this model. The most interesting message says that the smartphone will be equipped with a display with a diagonal of about 7 inches.

Smartphones of the Mi Max series have always been very large. Mi Max and Mi Max 2 have screens with a diagonal of 6.44 inches, which makes them very large shovels. Until recently, it seemed that Xiaomi did not get to 7 inches, but looking through the prism of recent changes in the market, it became quite possible, if inevitable. So Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will be a smartphone or already a tablet?

Xiaomi Max 3

Mi Max 3 specs

In my opinion, all the same smartphone. The rationale is simple. According to our sources, the device will be equipped with a 7-inch display, a ratio of 18: 9 (2: 1) and Full HD +, that is 2160 × 1080 pixels, and their density will be 345 pixels per inch. Has anyone seen a tablet with such a display? Of course, no, and most likely, will never see it, because such a screen format in the tablet has no right to exist.

Rumors also say that thanks to the narrow frame, the size of Mi Max 3 will be almost the same as in Mi Max and Mi Max 2. And I’m inclined to believe such rumors, because if it’s not true, then its size will be close to the tablets.

The received messages also say that the smartphone will also be equipped with a battery capacity of 5500 mAh with support for Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology and a dual main camera. This year, Xiaomi was not very willing to install dual modules. Did they decide to change their strategy and follow the trend.

Is the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 such a big screen? Most likely yes, but it will be known already next year. I’m not sure that the smartphone will look like the photo in the article, it’s just the work of one designer. And what do you expect from a new shovel from Xiaomi? Do I need such a large smartphone?

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