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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – a new bracelet for active soon

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The new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is already on the road. A new bracelet for the active was tested and was seen on the website of the Bluetooth SIG organization. There he was granted a certificate, which opens the way to a market premiere. We learned that the new Xiaomi Mi Band has a Bluetooth 4.2 module and belongs to a new band of bandages.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a bracelet worth waiting for. His premiere should be held very soon. On the site of the Bluetooth SIG organization, this device appeared under the code name XMSH05HM. Yesterday there was published information about awarding him a special certificate. It is needed for the appearance of a gadget on the shelves of stores.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 LE (Low Energy) module. For comparison, Mi Band 2 uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE. This means that he definitely got some improvements with respect to his predecessor. Unfortunately, for this moment more detailed information is not known. We do not know what else can be expected from the new fitness bracelet from Huami. This will become known a little later.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

So when will we see the Xiaomi Mi Band 3?

A new bracelet of Chinese should go on sale soon. At the moment, we do not know when this will happen. It is possible that during the exhibition MWC 2018 in Barcelona, which will begin the next Monday. At this moment, nothing can be ruled out. The price is likely to be low, but you should not expect any greater external changes than the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Most likely, there will be only minor improvements, both external and internal.

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