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Wileyfox Pro – the new Windows Phone from the British


Wileyfox is a small smartphone maker who created another model based on Windows 10 Mobile, that is, on a system that is no longer developed by Microsoft. In a British company, did someone go insane? Or does it sell the products stored in warehouses that they could not previously enter the market? Nothing out of this. The solution to Wileyfox, in fact, is not so stupid, even the opposite.

Wileyfox Pro with forgotten Windows Mobile.

Wileyfox has expanded its range to the Pro model without much publicity. This device belongs to a lower price shelf and it is equipped with a 5-inch HD screen, four core processors, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and 8 megapixel (main) and 2 megapixel (front) cameras. Standard components, both on a low price shelf.

But many will be surprised by the price of this device, which from December 4 will be available in the online store Amazon. The Pro will cost £ 189.99, which translates to about $ 253. As we know, for such money you can buy a much better equipped smartphone, and not necessarily Chinese.

Phone Windows mobile

The nail in the coffin is that Wileyfox Pro runs on Windows Mobile 10. This system is no longer being developed by Microsoft, since it decided to focus on improving the services available on Android and iOS. Moreover, the giant from Redmond is trying to erase all traces of Lumia.

Therefore, many people think that the people managing the company Wileyfox, hit their heads hard, as they climb into a project that does not have a successful future. But I have a completely different opinion.

The idea of ​​the British is really not that stupid.

Windows Phone may and have disappeared from the consumer market, but they are still among the interests of some companies. Sometimes it is more profitable to purchase a large batch of inexpensive phones than to pay for an expensive modification of the software they use, which was created with the idea of ​​mobile Windows.

Wileyfox Pro price

Such cases occur very rarely, but a small niche has formed in the European market. The companies that still need Windows Phone simply require the devices they need. Because of this, even Idol 4S with Windows 10 got to Europe.

Alcatel is not the only company that last year saw the potential of Windows Phone in the context of corporate smartphones. In this segment also tried to work Acer, HP and even Microsoft, but this niche is too small to satisfy the big players.

Wileyfox Pro

Now that the new Windows Phone, the companies mentioned do not even think that the knight on the white horse appeared Wileyfox, which came to the rescue of the companies left to their fate.

For a British company that is a small player in the mobile market, selling even a few batches of Wileyfox Pro will be a big income. So I can not say that their decision is stupid. On the contrary, the company chose a niche in which there is practically no competition.

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