Vivo APEX phone

Vivo APEX does not have a frameless display, it is a display


At the exhibition MWC 2018 Vivo introduced a smartphone, which market has not yet seen. Because this is the first device in the world with such a high screen-to-body ratio. The almost complete absence of frameworks around the display, dragged the need for a variety of innovative solutions.

Already in the foreword it is necessary to say that Vivo APEX is a conceptual smartphone, it is not intended for commercial sales. So this is a kind of demonstration of the manufacturer’s possibilities, but it is possible that in the near future customers will be able to buy a device offering such solutions. And there are many of them.

First, the frames on the sides and at the top of the OLED display have a width of only 1.8 mm, and the one at the bottom – 4.3 mm. The screen-to-body ratio is more than 98%! As you might guess, there is no place for classical solutions in front. Because of this, Vivo decided that the front camera would be pulled out from the top edge (this procedure takes 0.8 seconds). Another innovation is that the sensors are hidden behind the screen (the only exception is the proximity sensor). The smartphone also does not have standard speakers – the sound generates screen vibrations (Vivo calls this Screen SoundCasting technology) and, according to the Android Authority website, it’s surprisingly clean and loud. Moreover, the intensity of vibration can be adjusted, so that the person receiving the call will hear his interlocutor, but no outsiders.


Vivo APEX concept

Vivo APEX also has an integrated fingerprint scanner. In this model, the manufacturer went even further than in the already available Vivo X20 Plus UD model, since the user can make sure that the smartphone is unlocked only when two fingers are fed to the screen (its area is large enough to do so, since the scanner occupies almost the entire bottom half of the panel!). Of course, then the unlock process will take a little longer, but this decision will undoubtedly increase the level of security.

A pleasant surprise is that in Vivo APEX has a standard headphone jack (3.5 mm). In addition, there are DACs and three audio amplifiers. The exact specification of the device is not known, but in this case it is not important, so the manufacturer wanted only to present the above solutions and show what to expect from their future smartphones.

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