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Ulefone makes its iPhone X


Companies copy the look of the iPhone X, despite the fact that its design is far from ideal, many do not like the space above the screen, which was allocated for sensors and a front camera, but this does not stop the Chinese manufacturers. The company Ulefone decided to make its iPhone, its front part almost does not differ from the device Apple.

Just look at the photo and you will understand everything. They even made the same cutout for the camera and sensors. This is a blatant copy, but something tells me that many will buy this smartphone.

According to Ulefone, the phone will not be equipped with a fingerprint scanner, and it will be blocked as well as the Apple device, that is, using the face. This technology the Chinese called Face ++. This smartphone also needs to get a dual camera (main).

Ulefone iPhone XUlefone X

We still do not know anything about the phone’s parameters. But we can assume that the specification will not be worse than in the recently announced T1 Premium model, which boasts 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. Among the proposals Ulefone already have smartphones with large screens, as well as copies of devices from other manufacturers, and soon debuts MIX 2.

Follow our news, as soon as we learn something new about Ulefone X, we will definitely let you know. And what do you think about this smartphone? Would you buy such a copy?

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