Time Recoil hack

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Time Recoil – a cool thoughtful shooter with a top view and unusual design.

Again, the player is not faced with the simple task of saving the world from the Lord Time. For many years he was an ordinary scientist, but his plans changed, and he became crazy. He learned to manage time, which makes it easy to deal with the military and subordinate world leaders. Become someone who can stop the end of the world and destroy the dictator.

Deceleration of time

In the game you will find several modes, among which there is an endless arcade of survival and a mode of history. In the first you can practice and try your hand at feeling mechanics and just get acquainted with the management and after that you can go directly to the story itself. At each level you will be pursued by almost the same mission – to destroy all enemies. Sometimes you need to save characters you know, communicate with them and sneak up to the enemies from behind.

The main feature of the project is the slowdown of time. That is, at the time of the shot and hitting the enemies, time slows down and you have the opportunity to make a couple of additional shots. The main thing is to get on the opponent, and you should not forget about the number of cartridges. They are limited and pick them up at the time of passage, moving from room to room.

Atmospheric picture

In addition to an interesting story with an attractive gameplay, the developers took care of a quality three-dimensional picture. It is incredibly detailed and despite the top view draws the attention of users. Numerous special effects, smooth animation, etc. will not let you get bored.

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