Tap Tap Gun mod

Tap Tap Gun Hack, add Coins and Diamonds. Codes for Android and IOS


Tap Tap Gun – A simplified tapper for mobile devices with interesting neon graphics.

Unusual pistol

We are invited to pick up a pistol and start shooting at a wooden target, set opposite. The ultimate goal of the project is unknown, you just shoot one clip after another, earn money and improve the performance of your weapons and targets. The faster you tap on the screen, the more dynamic the gameplay looks.

There is no limit to perfection

As you guessed it, the game is more than endless. The player does not have any specific goals, just shoot and pump weapons, collecting coins with crystals. The gun is located on the left side of the screen, the target is set, opposite. Each press on the display allows you to fire and cause some damage on the target. The latter has a stock of life, which slowly decreases and eventually replenishes. The more you tap on the screen, the more coins and crystals you earn.

Available enhancements

Naturally, without any improvements it would not be interesting and boring to play any tapper. Accumulated coins will go both for pumping the gun itself, its rate of fire, the damage dealt, the number of cartridges in the cage, and the strength of the target. For the crystals you can learn skills, for example, a double weapon for 5 seconds, an unmanned robot, attacking the target for 30 seconds and increased damage for a short period of time.

The more often you update the weapon, the more interesting it becomes. For example, if at first it was a regular pistol, then after a few moments the player will receive a shotgun. Naturally, the variety of weapons will depend on the number of cartridges in the cage and the ability to earn more game currency.

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