processor snapdragon 845

Snapdragon 845 officially. Manufacture it will be Samsung


Snapdragon 845 is the new SoC of Qualcomm, which next year will appear in many flagships with Android. The processor was introduced yesterday at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, and we know that it will also be produced using a 10 nm lithographic process. This processor was created for three years, and Samsung will again manufacture it.

We waited a whole year on Snapdragon 845, it’s been such a long time since Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon 835. The new SoC was officially introduced, but we still do not know all the information about the system. The Americans do not yet disclose all the details related to technical issues, but they will be opened in the near future. Maybe even today.

Snapdragon 845 will work with the new X20 modem, which provides compatibility with LTE cat. 18. This means that theoretically you can achieve a download speed of 1.2 Gbit / s. But this is only part of what the 5G connection should bring. The new SoC will continue to be produced by Samsung Electronics, as well as Snapdragon 835. This will be a 10-nanometer lithography process of the 2nd generation called 10LPP (Low Power Plus). Exynos 9810 for Galaxy S9 will be manufactured in the same way.

processor qualcomm snapdragon 845

Samsung claims that the 10LPP process allowed to increase productivity by 10% and reduce power consumption by 15% compared to 10LPE. This means that we can expect productivity growth and improved energy efficiency. The parts will need to wait.

Snapdragon 845 will fall into the new flagship Xiaomi

Snapdragon 845 will be in the new flagship of Xiaomi, which was confirmed yesterday by Lei Jun, the general director of the Chinese company. He did not say what exactly this phone will be, but I’m sure that it’s about Mi 7. During the event, we heard the following words.

I am very excited about participating in the Snapdragon Technology Summit, and I confirm that the close relationship between Xiaomi and Qualcomm Technologies will continue in 2018. Xiaomi is developing devices that combine cutting-edge technology innovation and beautiful design while simultaneously defying pricing, and we have chosen SoC Snapdragon 845 for our next flagship smartphone.

Snapdragon 845 will also appear in many other smartphones. We’ll write a little bit more about this system later.

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