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SkyRing Hack and Cheats for Stars and Crystals for Android and IOS


SkyRing – PvP Cosmo Basketball – a real-time basketball arcade with cool graphics.

Your task in the game is to collect a celestial ring of green color. Then it is necessary to jump into the basket consisting of asteroids. It does not sound a lot strange, but it’s fun and interesting. In competitions 1 by 1, the winner is the one who quickly throws 3 glowing balls of his color into the ring.

Sleight of hand

To throw a glowing sphere in the ring, you first need to get to it. This is not easy, given the features of the gameplay. Manage you will be something like a basketball. To jump you need to click on the screen. At the location will be a lot of transparent points, for them the ball can cling and hang on a special rope. Between these balls can move perfectly, which will allow you to get the spheres and then send them to the basket.

In real time

All battles will take place in real time. Players give 50 game currency and start a battle. The winner is the one who first manages to collect and throw in the ring all three spheres. The winner receives all the currency and the chest as a reward. Inside the latter can be coins and cards with balls. Each card is unique both externally and by characteristics.

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