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Samsung Galaxy X will receive a folding screen. Patent discloses the appearance of the interface


Samsung Galaxy X is a smartphone that will get a folding screen. This means that Koreans should adapt the interface to this technology. Until now we did not know what it would look like, but this secret is revealed to us by screenshots attached to one of the Korean applications.

Samsung Galaxy X is in development for several years. The Korean giant is considering the introduction of this phone as early as next year, and it should get into stores under the Note series. The device is covered in mystery, there is really little about it. Of course, there will not be such a connection of screens as in the ZTE Axon M smartphone. We hope to see a more advanced technology, where both parts in the decomposed form will still be one display, and not two separate ones.

Samsung should prepare the appropriate software for Galaxy X. A flip-down screen forces you to make changes to the operating system under which the new smartphone will operate. The Korean manufacturer filed a patent for a solution called “An electronic device consisting of several monitors and methods for monitoring them.” The screenshots attached to it can give us an idea of ​​how the software of the new phone will look. Let’s have a look.

Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy Note X

The screenshots show us that Samsung patented the work in different modes. Both in landscape and in vertical mode. The work on the split screen was also taken into account. I think this is an unfinished version of the system, and next year on the Galaxy X it will look much better.

Samsung Galaxy X is just an attempt.

Samsung Galaxy X is a smartphone, which is really an attempt to refresh the smartphone market, because at the moment there is very little variety. This year brought us, in principle, only a narrower framework, if we take into account only one design. The folding flagship of the Koreans can bring more ambitious changes. The only question is, do customers want such a smartphone?

Galaxy Note X

Samsung has already shown partners prototypes Galaxy X, it happened during the famous exhibition Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately, such shows are held exclusively behind closed doors. The company, apparently, wanted to receive feedback from partners about this equipment. Even before he puts it on sale. Most likely, this smartphone will be produced in a small amount. It is possible that there will not be very many people who want to buy it, therefore, Samsung does not want to take on more risk.

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