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Samsung Galaxy S9: Wish List


Galaxy S9, probably will appear at the turn of the autumn and winter of next year, but nothing hinders us to talk about it right now. Here are 9 things that I expect from him.

A smarter processor.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro and iPhone 8 / X are equipped with systems that are backed by an additional processor, responsible for processing tasks related to artificial intelligence. Kirin 970 can learn user habits, and Apple A11 Bionic analyzes photos and, thanks to this, can simulate studio light. It’s also worth mentioning Pixel 2, which is also backed up by a special processor, Pixel Visual Core, for special tasks.

Samsung is a manufacturer of processors from the lineup of Exynos, and I do not think that it wants to lag behind competitors. I’m counting on the fact that S9 will be equipped with an intelligent system that will be more intelligently used.

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I’ll add that, – as reported by The Korea Herald, Samsung has invested a lot of money in the company DeePhi Tech, engaged in the development of artificial intelligence. This indicates that Samsung is really working on a processor that processes artificial neural networks.

More convenient biometric security.

Biometric security is the Achilles heel of the Galaxy S8. The fingerprint scanner is located in a horrible place, the iris scanner requires the phone to approach the face, and even the facial recognition function can be fooled by photography.

From previous leaks it follows that the built-in fingerprint scanner – which would be the ideal solution – we’ll see only in Galaxy Note 9. S9 will get a normal scanner, but I hope that it will be placed in a more convenient place, or at least the face scanner will be similar to Face ID. Everything that will be safe and convenient to use.

The framework will become even smaller.

The Galaxy S8 has a design that is called frameless, but there are frames around the screen, although they are narrow. Indeed, the display fills less than 84 percent of the front panel area, so there is still something to cut.

If Samsung could reduce the frame above and below the screen, it would be perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S9 news

Double chamber.

Galaxy S8, unlike LG G6 and Huaweia P10, unfortunately, does not have a dual camera. It already appeared in the Galaxy Note 8 model, so that two cameras in the S9 will definitely appear.

I would prefer a solution known from LG phones (standard lens plus wide-angle), but Samsung is likely to apply the telephoto lens, which is already known with Note 8, giving a 2-fold optical zoom. But also it is good.

DeX working without a station.

Galaxy S8 thanks to DeX can be turned into a computer. But the need to use the docking station spoils the mobility of this solution, as going on a trip, you need to remember to take it with you. Not to mention that this accessory costs several hundred dollars.

Huawei has shown that this can be done better; Mate 10 Pro turns into a computer when connected by cable to a TV or monitor, and its screen turns into a trackpad. This decision begins to make sense, because you do not need to carry tons of accessories with you to work in a hotel room.

But given that Samsung earns well on selling these stations, I do not think that they will give up this accessory.

Screen with regulation of the force of pressure.

A fragment of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 display can determine the pressure, thereby simulating the operation of the Home button. But I can not wait until Samsung creates a full-fledged competition 3D Touch with the iPhone.

Since the advent of this technology in the iPhone 6s has passed for more than 2 years, so I slowly begin to lose hope that in the Android world anyone will be interested in it seriously. It’s a pity, because I really like this function.

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Stereo speakers.

Xperia XZ Premium, HTC U11, iPhone 8, Pixel 2 – here are some examples of new flagships, in which sound is generated from speakers located on both sides of the screen. Here Samsung lags behind its competitors, because its top phones have monophonic speakers on the lower edge, which are also easy to close with the palm of your hand.

Interestingly, Samsung already used stereo speakers in the Galaxy C9 Pro model, in 2016. But this model is only available in Asia, I think that the use of stereo speakers, somehow related to patents in Europe and the US. I hope that in S9 this defect will be eliminated.

At least 6 GB of RAM.

4 GB of RAM in the S8 was too small to provide a comfortable work worthy of the flagship. I hope, with the model Galaxy S9 this problem will not be.

Ideally, I would like 8 GB, but I would not count on it. Note 8 has 6 GB, it is likely that S9 will receive the same amount.

More powerful battery.

This year Samsung’s flagships show a decent time on one charge, but the ideal is still far away. In my opinion, the Galaxy S7 was better in this regard. I hope that in S9 this aspect will be corrected.

And what do you want from the Galaxy S9?

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