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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is developed under the name “Crown”


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – this is the flagship with pen S Pen, the premiere of which will be held in the second half of 2018. We just found out the code name of the phone under which it will be developed. Korean media reported that the device is hidden under the code name “Crown”, that is, the crown.

Galaxy Note 9 promises to be very interesting, and we know that Samsung has already started working on this flagship. Korean media reported that it received the code name Crown. How much of this truth, we do not know, but in the same report also talked about something more interesting.

Samsung intends to conduct a pilot project related to the creation of Galaxy Note 9 in the first quarter of next year. This means that the phone will be tested in the near future. It should be added that this year the flagships with S Pen were developed under the code name Baikal. A model S8 and S8 + under the names Dream and Dream 2. A new Galaxy S9 and S9 + the manufacturer decided to call Star and Star 2.

Note 9 release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be the first smartphone of Koreans, which will get a built-in screen fingerprint scanner. Do not expect this solution in the S9 and S9 + models, and their premiere should take place earlier than usual. Koreans have been working on this solution for a long time, but they failed to apply it in 2017 due to some errors, which means that the function was not suitable for mass use. The manufacturer claims that the problem hides in the OLED screen, but it looks like they have found a solution to the problem.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will receive an improved S Pen.

Samsung recently confirmed that it is going to improve the S Pen. Galaxy Note 9 should also debut with new features from the field of artificial intelligence. Since this year Huawei Mate 10 Pro slightly surpassed them, and Koreans do not want to lag behind their competitors. Galaxy Note 9 should also get a dual camera and a much improved face recognition mechanism. As we know, their solution looks very pale against the background of the Face ID from the anniversary iPhone X. It is assumed that Apple with its TrueDepth camera stepped 2.5 years ahead of its competitors. Most likely, the American company will not bother with the improvement of this function next year. And their competitors, for example Samsung, will have to try very hard to catch up with Apple.

Unfortunately, the premiere of the new flagship with S Pen will have to wait a little longer. Galaxy Note 9 will not appear until the summer of next year. Samsung, most likely, will not dare accelerate the premiere of this smartphone.

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