J7 2017 review

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 review – low price, great features


Is a good smartphone really expensive? It all depends on what a “good smartphone” means to us. If you can forgive the phone a slight slowdown, you do not need the best components, and the camera does not have to perform perfect photos, then I think that at a reasonable price it’s easy to find such a device. One of these smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017. How did it show itself in everyday use? Should I buy it? I will try to answer these (and not only) questions in this review.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 review

Specifications Samsung Galaxy J7 2017:

  • 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD resolution (1080 × 1920, 401 ppi);
  • 8-core processor Exynos 7870 1.6 GHz with a graphics chip Mali-T860 MP2;
  • 3 GB of RAM;
  • 16 GB of internal memory;
  • Support for microSD memory cards with a maximum capacity of 256 GB;
  • main camera: 13 Mp with f / 1.7 and a single diode flash;
  • front camera: 13 Mp with f / 1.9 and a single diode flash;
  • Bluetooth 4.2;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac;
  • LTE Cat. 6 (download up to 300 Mbit / s);
  • NFC;
  • FM radio;
  • compass;
  • gyroscope;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • Dual SIM;
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack;
  • microUSB;
  • battery capacity of 3600 mAh;
  • operating system Android 7.0 Nougat with manufacturer lining;
  • dimensions: 152.4 × 74.7 × 7.8 mm.

The price at the time of publication: 355 dollars.

Galaxy J7 2017 review


The case of the Galaxy J7 2017 is almost entirely made of metal and glass of high quality. Two plastic inserts are only on the top and bottom faces (they also go to the back panel of the smartphone). These inserts provide the correct robot of antennas and communication modules. Unfortunately, as for me, they do not look too elegant – they spoil the whole appearance of the device, but someone can like it.

Behind there is the main camera, a diode flash, the manufacturer’s logo and the inscription “Duos”, which indicates the presence of two slots for SIM cards.

On the right side is the power button, as well as a multimedia speaker. Is this place suitable for dynamics? I do not even know what to answer, in principle, it suits me, and I never closed it with my hand. The speaker itself provides good sound quality – the sound is quite loud and yet clean.

On the left side are the volume keys, as well as two slots. In one of them we can place a nanoSIM and microSD card simultaneously, and in the other one we have another nanoSIM card. At the bottom there is a 3.5-mm headphone jack, a microphone, and a microUSB connector. It’s a pity that this is not a Type C USB, but you need to remember that this is a smartphone from the middle price range.

Samsung J7 2017 review

At the front, first of all, you will see a 5.5-inch display. It has Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels), and the pixel density is 401 pixels per inch. It should be added that this screen, made using Super AMOLED technology, is characterized by excellent, saturated colors, you can not complain about them. In addition, it has a very distinct black, and the viewing angles are almost perfect. The maximum brightness also deserves praise, but the minimum might be a little lower – at night a bit dazzles and tires the eyes.

Under the screen is a physical home button with a built-in fingerprint scanner. To the right of it is the “back” key, and to the left – “the last applications”. It is a pity that the keys are not illuminated – this would facilitate their use, especially at night.

Above the display the manufacturer placed his logo, and above it the speaker for conversations. Here we also find a few more sensors, and a front camera with a diode flash.

The smartphone is made very high quality, nothing creaks in its design and nothing to complain about (well, maybe, besides the mentioned plastic inserts). In addition, the equipment is excellent in the hand, although because of the size – people with small hands, may have problems with its use. I just miss one thing here: the notification indicator. But the manufacturer added a solution that in some sense replaces it, that is, Always On Display, but I’ll talk about it a little later.

Samsung J7 2017 reviews


Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 – running Android 7.0 with the overlay of the manufacturer Samsung Experience in version 8.1. It is well equipped, full of interesting solutions and useful additions. Let’s see what she offers.

  • Themes application in which you can customize the appearance of the system by changing the wallpaper and icons.
  • The blue light filter – allows you to reduce the amount of blue, which reduces eye fatigue. It must be borne in mind that then the screen becomes more yellow, and the remaining colors are less saturated.
  • We can choose how the icons will be placed, whether they are scattered on the desktops or packed in a box.
  • Number of icons on the desktop and in the box: it can be a grid of 4 × 4, 4 × 5 + 5 × 5 icons.
  • Screen modes: adaptive, which is customized for viewing content, AMOLED movies, AMOLED photos and basic mode. In addition, you can adjust the balance of colors: red, green and blue.
  • The game mode, which is divided into two categories. This is the Game Launcher, which automatically organizes all games in one place and Game Tools, which provides additional functions such as resetting, recording, blocking of notifications or touch screen and keys during some competitions.
  • One-handed operation mode, which can be called in several ways. We can do a triple press of the power key, or a drag gesture from the left or right bottom edge to the center of the screen. We can also choose whether the function keys will be displayed on the screen, or we will further use the physical keys below the display.
  • Multiwindow – miniature versions of applications that can be called up by swipe your finger from the right or left upper edge toward the center of the screen. Unfortunately, not every application supports this mode. Such miniature programs can be arbitrarily increased, reduced, moved around the screen, minimized, and immediately closed. At the same time, you can open five different windows.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

  • Smart notifications – the device vibrates when picked up from the table, if we have any unlooked messages or missed calls.
  • Double messenger – allows you to log in to two different accounts within the same application. It is supported by several of the most popular instant messengers.
  • SOS message to a pre-selected person after pressing the power key three times. At the same time, text is sent with a request for help, a photo from both cameras and a second voice recording.
  • Preservation of applications – allows you to manage the built-in memory and operational, check the statistics of the use of battery power.
  • Samsung Pass – allows you to use a fingerprint scanner, instead of the usual password entry in various applications and on sites.
  • A secure directory in which you can hide files or applications. In order to access them, you must either enter a password or use a fingerprint scanner.
  • Always On Display, that is, a function that shows the date, time, battery level and notification icons on the locked screen. Frankly, this is a very useful option, probably even more useful than the notification indicator (which is not in this smartphone). You can choose one of several designs of the clock face, you can also change the colors of the inscriptions and the background.
  • Call control with the keys – allows you to answer the calls with the home button and end with a switch. There is also an automatic answer function after two seconds when we use headphones or a Bluetooth headset.

J7 2017

If it is a question of liquidity, then I must say that it is not bad. The device works smoothly, although you need to be prepared for the fact that sometimes there are some delays. During the test, I twice happened. It should be borne in mind that this is a smartphone of the middle class, so that it can forgive some shortcomings, especially since they are insignificant.

There are problems with built-in memory, and basically this is one problem, it quickly ends. In the smartphone it’s only 16 GB, of which at the disposal of the user is about 11 GB. In truth, it’s enough to install several applications and take a few pictures and the smartphone already screams that there is not enough memory. This is very annoying, fortunately, it supports microSD cards.

Communication modules work almost without complaints. The cellular signal is simply excellent, work on the Internet is pretty smooth, both in data transfer and over Wi-Fi. I also have no complaints about Bluetooth and GPS – everything works as it should. In the smartphone, we will also find an NFC module, so you can pay bills using your phone.

Review Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

The fingerprint scanner:

The fingerprint reader is located in the home button below the display. I must admit that he is very precise, very rarely it happened that he could not recognize the finger from the first time. The unlocking speed is also at a high level, but not as high as in the flagships.

It is worth adding that the scanner is always active, before pressing it you do not need to do any other actions, just attach a finger. The only serious drawback of the reader is the ability to register only three fingers – it’s not enough.

Of the additional features of the scanner can be called, perhaps, only the unblocking of access to previously listed blocked applications, or various kinds of protected directories.

Review Samsung J7 2017


In Galaxy J7 2017 is the main camera with a matrix of 13 megapixels and aperture f / 1.7. Directly below it is a single LED flash. At the front, the manufacturer also supplied a lens with a resolution of 13 megapixels, but its aperture is already darker f / 1.9. In front, there is also an LED flash – this is a characteristic feature of the Galaxy J. series devices.

Speaking about the quality of the photos, I was pleasantly surprised. The camera makes photos with a lot of detail and natural colors, although sometimes they get a little more saturated. Very good photos of small items go out, the smartphone almost never has problems with them. With good lighting, it makes very good pictures.

In the worst lighting conditions, the quality of the photos looks a little different. They have more noise, little smudges appear. Photos are also characterized by less detail and pale color, but not everything is as bad as you might think. On the quality of the images, it is not inferior to its competitors.

The front camera makes photos with good detail, and with pretty rich colors. The angle of the lens is also quite sufficient. The only “but” I have only to the speed of shooting. Sometimes he takes a little time to focus.

Videos recorded with the Galaxy J7 2017 can have Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels), both with the main camera, as with the front camera. But none of the lenses support optical, or even electronic stabilization, so you can not twitch during recording.

Samsung J7 2017


The Galaxy J7 2017 uses a battery with a capacity of 3600 mph. With daily use in mixed mode (50% Wi-Fi and data transmission, brightness is also 50%), it achieves results at a level of 5 to 5.5 hours on the included display (SoT, Screen on Time). I think that this is an excellent result, he will easily survive one day of work.

SoT can be increased to 6 hours, or even 7 hours, using only one Wi-Fi, without data transfer.

I noticed one problem with the battery. Several times I happened so that the battery level from 3% immediately dropped to 0% and the smartphone turned off. In Huawei devices there is a similar situation – they turn off by 3% in order to protect the battery, but the charge there does not drop as dramatically as in the Galaxy J7 2017.

The smartphone is charged using a charger with a cord with a microUSB tip. The device does not support fast charging mode, so a full charge cycle of 0% to 100% takes about 2.5-3 hours.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 reviews

Summing up:

Galaxy J7 2017 can be bought for about $ 350. I believe that this is a good and suitable price for the opportunities that it offers. Sometimes it lacks a bit of power to smooth out the work, the cameras could take better pictures in poor lighting, and the built-in memory might be a bit larger, but it showed itself well.

The smartphone can be praised for a good battery, an operating system with a lot of interesting additions, a pretty fast fingerprint scanner, a quality Super AMOLED display, and cameras that take good shots in good lighting. The hull is also made very high quality.

I can with good conscience recommend you Galaxy J7 2017, because it is ideal for everyday use. Let me know what you think about this model. Waiting for your opinion in the comments.

Galaxy J7 2017

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Quality building.
  • Super AMOLED display.
  • Great battery.
  • Functional overlay manufacturer.
  • Precise fingerprint scanner.


  • There is not enough internal memory.
  • Quality of pictures in poor light.
  • Built-in microUSB – it’s a pity that no USB Type C.

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