Xiaomi Redmi 4A review

Review Xiaomi Redmi 4A – excellent budget smartphone


In smartphones Xiaomi there is something magical. Something that makes their use very enjoyable, and their price is very much surprising. And it’s all about the tested Redmi 4A. I got this smartphone for testing, I started using it, I tested it … but when I checked its price. My surprise knew no bounds, because it costs only $ 160.

Specifications Xiaomi Redmi 4A:

  • Display 5 “1280 x 720 pixels;
  • Four nuclear processor Snapdragon 425 1.6 GHz with Adreno 308;
  • 2 GB of RAM;
  • 16 GB of internal memory;
  • MIUI 8.1 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow;
  • LTE;
  • Wi-fi;
  • bluetooth;
  • The main camera is 13 Mp;
  • Front camera 5 megapixel;
  • MicroUSB;
  • Hybrid dual sim;
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack;
  • Battery with a capacity of 3120 mAh;
  • Dimensions: 139.6 x 70.5 x 8.5 mm;
  • Weight: 132 g.

Price Xiaomi Redmi 4A at the time of publication of the review: $ 160.

Redmi 4A review

Design and quality:

Redmi 4A is one of those smartphones that is made really of quality materials, although it has a plastic case. I have to admit that looking at this phone, it may create the false impression that it is in fact aluminum – this plastic imitates it very well. But when you pick it up, it immediately becomes clear that it is plastic in all directions. Is it bad? You decide.

The very ergonomics of using Redmi 4A is at a good level. All buttons, that is, the switch and volume control are located on the right side, right under the thumb – maneuvering between them is very convenient. With the 5-inch display, the phone can be operated with one hand; I had no problems with this.

On the upper edge is a rare infrared port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the opposite side you will find a microUSB port. The left side hides in itself slots for cards of different types: dual SIM – nanoSIM + microSIM or nanoSIM + microSD. The right side, as I said, was dedicated to the buttons: the switch and the volume control.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A price

At the back you will find the camera lens in the upper left corner, as well as a small speaker located at the bottom of the case. The front of the phone has a little more interesting elements. Above the 5-inch screen is a speaker for calls, a webcam and a light sensor, and under the screen are touch buttons (without backlight): open applications, home and back, and a notification LED located just below the Home button. The LED is in an unusual place, and it is difficult to detect, since it is small in size.

If you generalize the Xiaomi Redmi 4A in terms of design, you could say that the plastic case and the rather wide frames around the screen do not cause admiration. But on the other hand – minimalism and simplicity – are also appreciated. However, the most important is the fact that it is difficult to find fault with the quality of execution.

Redmi 4A


On the lips weigh two words: the standard and the classic. At a similar price, in the case of 5-inch smartphones there is no resolution above 1280 x 720 pixels. And this is even good, firstly, the density of pixels is quite sufficient (294 ppi); secondly, it does not discharge the battery, and thirdly it does not cut off the interface, for which the Snapdragon 425 processor is responsible, that is, the average system that With Full HD may not be able to cope. Therefore, as you can see, HD with such a diagonal is a good and reasonable choice.

Redmi 4A is one of the few budget smartphones, the screen of which positively surprised me from the point of view of the minimum level of brightness. Using the phone at night, you do not have to worry that the glowing screen will torment our eyes. Unfortunately, about the maximum brightness I can not respond so well, but it’s also not bad. Attention is drawn to the presence of a light sensor, which we can trust to automatically change the brightness of the display depending on the lighting conditions – it’s doing its job well.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

The reaction to touch is good. Flick your finger across the screen – excellent. Viewing angles are good, but with a strong bias, the contrast and the deterioration of the color rendition are slightly visible.

If we have already started talking about colors, then we should add that in the screen settings we can change their color temperature – from the standard to warm or cold. For this, there are three contrast settings: auto (changing the contrast level for lighting), increased contrast and standard (contrast remains at a constant level).

In the settings, which is important, there is also a read mode that neutralizes the blue light display. Interestingly, it can be switched on permanently or at the scheduled time. I am very pleased that such supplements are beginning to appear in budget smartphones.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A phone


The four-core Snapdragon 425 1.6 GHz with Adreno 308, 2 GB of RAM and MIUI 8.1 based on Android 6.0 Zephyr – for this money – it’s a very good combination of components. Moreover, with daily operation, these parameters are very good for all tasks delivered by the user. Indeed, I was positively surprised at how well a smartphone can work for $ 160.

Of course, this is not your flagship, and you’ll have to wait a bit to run the application, as it does not keep more than several applications in the background, but overall – the Redmi 4A works just fine. He does not stutter, does not hesitate, does everything that is required of him, and I even venture to say that in his price he is better than his competitors.

Although the results obtained in synthetic tests do not promise anything good. Let’s look at the tests:

  • AnTuTu: 35921.
  • Geekbench 4:
  1. Single core: 611
  2. Multi core: 1608
  • 3DMark:
  1. Ice Storm: 7268
  2. Ice Storm Extreme: 3707
  3. Ice Storm Unlimited: 6113

Want to play Redmi 4A – play. Asphalt 8: Airborne or Real Racing 3 is not a big problem for him, but it’s worth noting that the display shows a drop in the number of frames.

Redmi 4A 16gb


MIUI is a specific software, but it is gaining more and more support from month to month. I’m not surprised by this, because it is filled with useful features, which in smartphones of other companies, often lacks.

But here there are some drawbacks – when a message arrives, three dots appear on the system beam (or icon, if we include it in the settings) and nothing more. To allow the display of chat pop-up windows, you must enter the application and manually enable the “Pop-up chat” – otherwise they will not appear. The same applies to other applications.

But this software also has many nice additions. Other important functions:

  • Switching between the mobile network and wi-fi, when the quality of wi-fi leaves much to be desired;
  • Read mode in the screen settings;
  • The possibility of changing the topic;
  • Prevent accidental use of the phone in your pocket;
  • Second cabinet (can be password protected): the second profile in which we can install other applications, have different multimedia content, other accounts and so on;
  • Do not disturb;
  • Lite mode – simplified view of the main screen and menu;
  • Children’s mode – we decide which applications can be accessed by our child, and only these applications will be visible in the children’s mode;
  • You can make a screenshot by making a downward movement with three fingers;
  • One-hand operation: reduces the screen of the working area to a diagonal of 3.5 “or 4”;
  • Cloned applications: we can duplicate applications, then on the screen there will be two icons of one program;
    Double-clicking on Vol – starts the camera.
  • Remaining still in a question of the software, it is necessary to pay attention to application “Control panel”. From its level, we have quick access for cleaning the phone, data monitor (including, with the ability to block the launch of selected applications when the phone connects to the network via cellular data), application permissions, firewall (black list of phone numbers, words are blocked, Etc.), antivirus and battery.

Redmi 4A phone

Means of communication:

  • LTE, quality of connection: the smartphone establishes a connection to the cellular network without problems, the connection was stable, the quality of calls is good;
  • Dual SIM: As you can see, in the list of technical parameters, at the beginning of the recording, it is written that the Redmi 4A has a hybrid dual SIM, which means that you can use two SIM cards or one SIM card and microSD. Dual SIM is passive;
  • GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth: all these modules work well;
  • NFC: no;
  • IR port: allows you to control electronic devices, for example, TVs using the Mi Remote application;
  • Micro USB: support USB OTG, thanks to which you can connect the USB flash drive;
  • MicroSD: with 16 GB of internal memory for the user remains 9.91 GB, which can be expanded with a slot for memory cards microSD. Unfortunately, to do this, we get rid of the possibility of using two SIM cards at the same time – the charms of the hybrid dual SIM.

System Memory Test – AndroBench:
– speed of continuous data reading: 263.29 MB / s;
– speed of continuous data recording: 71.36 MB / s;
– speed of random reading of data: 47.29 MB / s;
– speed of random data recording: 8.27 MB / sec.

Redmi 4A price


In terms of the quality of the reproduced sound Redmi 4A and does not disappoint, and it does not surprise – the quality of the speaker is standard.

The speaker is small, and is located at the bottom of the case, which makes it very easy to close it; It is enough to put on any flat surface. And it’s better to avoid it, because the sound is still quite quiet.

But it is due to the fact that Xiaomi has not gone too far with the loudness of the sound of the speaker, the sound quality can be characterized as normal.

A 3.5 mm audio jack is located on the top edge (I prefer on the bottom) and provides much better sound quality than the built-in speaker. In this price range, it’s just excellent.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A review


Buying a budget smartphone you can not count on high-quality photos. I must admit that the pictures taken by Redmi 4A may surprise. But the main requirement is a sufficient amount of sun / light – otherwise the effect will be only satisfactory.

Looking at the photos I’ve taken with the help of Redmi 4A, you can see that often light fields turn out to be burnt out – basically it concerns the front camera (5 megapixel), but the main camera (13 megapixel) has problems with it. HDR, in turn, slightly pulls out colors with long shadows

In general, I estimate the Xiaomi Redmi 4A camera quite positively – remembering, of course, that this is a budget smartphone that in no way can compete with more expensive devices. In my class, in my opinion, he is one of the best.

redmi 4a specifications


I will not hide that starting to test the Xiaomi Redmi 4A, which is equipped with a 3120 mAh battery, I expected that the operating time of this model will be slightly larger. I expected that the working time with the screen on (Screen on Time – SoT) will be at 6 hours.

But in my hands this smartphone worked for an average of a day or two, with which the SoT was 4-5.5 hours, depending on the included modules and the brightness of the screen. Still, you have to admit that this is a good result.

Summing up:

If someone has $ 160 and emu is interested in smartphones with 5-inch displays, he should look at Xiaomi Redmi 4A. This is one of those budget smartphones that I can safely recommend.

Disadvantages of course there are, but for that kind of money they look insignificant.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • General work;
  • Dual SIM;
  • light sensor;
  • IR port;
  • Support for screen gestures;
  • Support USB OTG;
  • working hours;
  • MIUI – rich in useful functions.


  • There is no backlighting of the system buttons;
  • Almost invisible indicator of notifications;
  • Hybrid dual sim.

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