LG X Power 2 review

Review LG X Power 2. The battery, first of all, the battery …


A smartphone with an average specification and large dimensions, and which provides excellent battery life on a single charge.

LG X Power 2 has many pluses, but there are also many disadvantages. First of all, it impresses with the operating time and the charging speed of the 4500 mAh battery, but on the other hand, its specification is not impressive at all (and we are writing about a smartphone that costs almost 270 dollars), so Power 2 may not satisfy more demanding users. Not everyone will like the large size of the device and the screen resolution – HD, with a 5.5-inch diagonal.

In general, it should not surprise – LG decided to continue its strategy, which he adhered to in other models of the X series. The first X Power also had a strong battery, X Cam was focused on the photo, and X Screen has two displays. The rest of their capabilities are of less importance. And some such concentration only on one element completely satisfies. LG in the X Power 2 model has saved on many elements to provide the best battery life. So, let’s see, first of all, how a smartphone from LG works in this aspect.

LG X Power 2 m320 review

LG X Power 2 – specifications:

  • 5.5-inch HD screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels;
  • 8-core processor MediaTek MT6750 1.5 GHz;
  • 2 GB of RAM;
  • 16 GB of internal memory;
  • MicroSD memory card reader (up to 2 TB);
  • Front camera 5 megapixels with f / 2.2, wide-angle lens 120 °, LED flash;
  • Main camera 13 Mp with f / 2.2, LED flash;
  • Recording video in Full HD;
  • Battery capacity of 4500 mAh;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • GPS;
  • LTE modem;
  • USB 2.0 connector;
  • 154.7 x 78.1 x 8.4 mm;
  • 165 grams;
  • Android 7.0 Nougat.

X Power 2 review

Case and screen:

The LG tested is a large piece of plastic, formed into a fairly neutral form. He is unable to attract customers with his design, but the main star of the XPower 2 model – a capacious battery – hides inside the case. The smartphone is dressed in a black case with rounded corners, it is a massive device – one-handed operation, almost impossible. In addition, the smartphone is not very convenient.

A large 5.5-inch screen would be the advantage of a smartphone, if not for its resolution. 1280 x 720 pixels is enough for a small screen, but in the case of a display in LG X Power 2, a pixel deficit attracts attention. Immediately it is clear that the sharpness of texts and icons displayed on the screen is not ideal, and by looking closely you can see individual pixels. Unsurprisingly, because with a 5.5-inch diagonal and HD resolution, the pixel density per inch is below 300 ppi. Full HD would look much better, but on the other hand, the priority is battery life.

The screen brightness at the middle level – certainly, the display should be brighter. Indoors, it is quite comfortable to use, but in the street, in daylight, you can have difficulty viewing what is happening on the screen. Automatic brightness control works correctly and adapts quickly to environmental conditions. The viewing angles are not the best – in direct viewing when we look at the screen directly, I have no objection to the contrast and color reproduction, but it is enough to look at an angle – the image quickly darkens and the contrast drops.

Above the screen is a speaker for conversations, sensors, a front camera and a flash, and under the screen you will see only the manufacturer’s logo – the buttons are displayed on the screen. On the left side there is a volume control and a tray for the SIM card and microSD, on the right is the power / unlock button on the screen. Classic mini jack and microUSB port for charging and data transfer were placed on the lower edge. At the top and bottom of the device you can also see the holes of the microphones.

The back panel is made of dark plastic, with a pattern in the form of vertical stripes. In the upper part was a camera lens with a flash diode, almost in the center of the back panel is the manufacturer’s logo, and at the bottom there are certification markings and small holes for the external speaker. The only drawback of the back panel is that it is sensitive to scratches. In addition, both the front and the rear, attract dirt and fingerprints.

LG X Power 2 price

System and applications:

The smartphone is running Android 7.0, hidden under the overlay with the name LG UI 4.0. The interface is intuitive, easy to use, the application offers a number of useful functions:

  • Wake up the screen with a double tap;
  • Facilitating access for people with disabilities;
  • Support hot keys;
  • Change color and combinations of system virtual keys;
  • Read mode (reduction of blue light);
  • Change the size of the items displayed on the screen;
  • Editing the shortcut bar;
  • QSlide – the ability to display two applications on one screen.

The latter function is available in the menu of the latest applications, and applications that can work in this mode have a characteristic icon. You can also choose whether to display all applications on the main screen, or use the home screen with a separate application menu. There is a third option, i.e. EasyHome, a simplified interface for novice Android users.

In addition to the standard set of applications and services from Google, among the firmware you will also find several pre-installed applications from the manufacturer, which, unfortunately, can not be deleted, just disable. This is QuickMemo +, LG Backup, Music, SmartWorld, RemoteCall Service and Quests.

LG X Power 2


The external speaker is located at the bottom of the rear panel. A mid-range speaker, loud enough to watch movies at home, episodic listening to music or games – but the quality is not entirely satisfactory. First of all, there is not enough bass – but there is a universal headphone jack that saves the situation.

To play music, LG has installed an aesthetic player with basic functions. A nice addition is the FM radio, with an interesting and convenient interface, with support for RDS and the ability to save your favorite radio stations, unfortunately, without the ability to record.

X Power 2

Photo and video:

The camera was not in the center of the manufacturer’s attention, and although there is a 13-megapixel matrix and a lens with f / 2.2 aperture, the photos are not impressive. Especially I was disappointed with the focus. The bad focus is very noticeable in the pictures in the worst lighting conditions, but also to some extent also on those that were made in daylight. Auto focus is not too fast, moving objects sometimes get a little blurry. Also, it should be added that photos with a strong contrast of light and darkness lack dynamics. Photo at night is better to skip right away.

I was surprised by the functionality of the front camera, which is not only equipped with an LED flash, but also wide-angle (120 degrees), switching between the standard and wide angle is available in one touch. The only pity is that the resolution of the camera is not too high. There is also a decoration mode, the intensity of which can be controlled.

The camera application itself is simple and understandable – but not very advanced (even there are no additional camera modes), but it offers everything that is most needed for the user, for example, HDR, flash control and self-timer. You can also take a photo without contacting the phone, that is, activate the shutter release button, for example, squeezing a hand into a fist. The front camera also has an auto mode, which will automatically do selfie when it detects a face in the frame.

LG X Power 2 specifications


Of the communication functions here are: 4G LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n (with support for Wi-Fi Direct and access point), and from physical connectors – USB 2.0 with USB OTG support. Of course, there is also a GPS module, which showed itself well both on the road outside the city, and in the city. The signal is held tight, and the accuracy of navigation is at a decent level.

The smartphone supports one SIM card in the size of nano and works in 2G, 3G and 4G networks. There are not the slightest problems with communication and connection quality. I want only a louder audio in hands-free mode. Also there is no record of voice calls – a little popular function among the most popular manufacturers.

LG also did not disappoint in the question of text input. Firstly, the screen responds very well to touch. Secondly, here is preinstalled a proprietary keyboard with a very good dictionary and numerous functions that improve the comfort of writing.

Review LG X Power 2

Memory and Performance:

The 8-core MT6750 processor with a frequency of 1.5 GHz is supported by the T860Mp2 Mali graphics processor, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory (about 8.8 GB available to the user). This is not to say about the amazing performance – but this is not a feature that the manufacturer has focused on. In addition, you can use microSD memory cards with a maximum capacity of up to 2 TB.

LG X Power 2 – it’s quite a modest (or not very impressive in its price range) phone, and its performance, in principle, coincided with my expectations. The smartphone works without any delays or lags. I would not call it lightning fast, sometimes it’s noticeable how icons are updated on the desktop or the size of photos in the gallery changes, sometimes applications are loaded for a long time. But this is not a slow process to annoy the user.

The smartphone is perfect for surfing the Internet, using social networks and watching videos – increases the comfort of a large screen diagonal. You can also play on it, although the graphics should be lowered. In Real Racing 3 graphics are not at a high level, sometimes you can see the jumps that appear during the animation and loading of the races, although the game itself is going well. I can summarize this part of the test in the following way: in everyday use, the computing power is quite sufficient.

Review LG X Power 2 m320


The battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh, this is the most important element in this model. It is capacious and supports fast charging technology. And first of all, it gives an excellent working time – without problems it will last 1.5-2 days of intensive work and more than three days in more moderate use. Whoever uses his smartphone mainly for calls, he will be able to squeeze out of it even for a longer time. And so look more detailed measurements:

  • 10 hours, in standby mode – 2% decrease;
  • The result in the test PC Mark battery work – 15 hours and 33 minutes;
  • Working time with the screen on (active Wi-Fi module, YouTube video, 50% screen brightness) – 18 hours;
  • Half an hour of playing in Real Racing 3 – a decrease of 8%;
  • And a half hours of using the navigation on the Internet with Google Maps – minus 5%.

The manufacturer promises the following hours of work: 8 hours of camera work, 7 hours of video recording, 12 hours of navigation, 18 hours of movie playback or 19 hours of web surfing. In addition, X Power 2 supports fast charging technology Pump Express. Thanks to it, the battery can be charged in about 2 hours (exactly 2 hours and 10 minutes). This is a very good result, given that the battery capacity is 4500 mAh.

LG X Power 2 phone

Summing up:

LG X Power 2 is a smartphone with a decent, albeit not very impressive performance, with a large screen and an excellent battery. We appreciated it quite high, at $ 260 – and this is already quite a busy price range with strong competition. If the price of X Power 2 falls (and it necessarily falls), you can think about buying it.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • A capacious battery;
  • Excellent time on one charge;
  • Support fast charging;
  • Android Nougat;
  • Relatively thin and light (with diagonal screen included);
  • Large display;
  • Flash in the anterior chamber;
  • A wide-angle lens in the front chamber;
  • FM radio;
  • Support for memory cards;
  • 100 GB of storage in Google Drive for 2 years;
  • Support for LTE and NFC.


  • Resolution and brightness of the screen;
  • Lack of watertightness;
  • Lack of fingerprint scanner;
  • Absence of a notification LED;
  • Quality of photos;
  • The absence of optical image stabilization and a dual camera;
  • The use of a micro-USB port instead of a USB C type;
  • The back panel is easily scratched;
  • High price.

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