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Review Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL – surprisingly good smartphone from Asus


Asus has a lot of smartphones, the premiere of which is forgotten in a few weeks. I was so with the model Zenfone 3 ZE553KL. I absolutely do not understand why he flew out of my head – especially since on paper he looks like a fully fledged smartphone, which should be interested. But is this really so? I checked it! And I ask you to read the review of the Asus ZE553KL.

Specifications Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL:

  • 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, Gorilla Glass 4;
  • 8-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 2 GHz with Adreno 506;
  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • 64 GB of internal memory (for use: 52.5 GB);
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat with ZenUI;
  • Main camera: 12 megapixels, f / 1.7, OIS, SONY IMX362, 1.4 microns, 1 / 2.5 “and the second lens – 13 megapixels, f / 2.8 and 2.3 times the optical zoom;
  • Front camera: 13 megapixel, f / 2.0;
  • LTE, dual SIM;
  • Wi-fi 802.11 b / g / n;
  • Bluetooth 4.2;
  • GPS / Glonass;
  • MicroSD memory card slot;
  • USB port type C;
  • 3.5 mm audio connector;
  • Battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • Dimensions: 154.3 x 77 x 7.99 mm;
  • Weight: 170 grams.

Asus ZE553KL review

Design and quality:

My main charge towards Asus smartphones has always been a pretty large frame above and below the screen. But I must admit that from generation to generation there are improvements in this respect, and in fact in Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL the space under the display is no longer too large, as in the previous models – here it is optimal, just under the system buttons. The frames on the right and left edges are relatively narrow, it is difficult to find fault with them. The phone is pretty attractive, many people should like it.

Until now, Asus could not please me, when it comes to the design of smartphones. Meanwhile, in the case of Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL, he succeeded. All due to the fact that its body is made of aluminum, also matte, not glass, which is now very popular. The body does not reflect everything that surrounds us, and does not refract light, but he likes to collect fingerprints. Is he scared? I can not say, although during the testing period there were not a single scratch on the case, I could not find it. Minor scratches appeared on the screen of the phone.

Asus ZE553KL well lies in the hand, although, as is the case with 5.5-inch devices, despite everything, you need to get used to it. The quality of the assembly of the tested device was pleasant to me – there are no objections here. Buttons are well and correctly embedded in the body, nothing creaks and does not recede under the fingers. But I’m not surprised, because this should not be in a smartphone for $ 540.

The fingerprint reader is located on the back of the case, just below the index finger. On the left, almost in the corner, is a dual camera with a dual LED flash and a laser auto focus. In the lower part, there is also the Asus logo. On the front, under the screen you will find the system buttons (without the backlight), and above the screen – the speaker for conversations and the front camera lens. There is also a notification LED.

As for the edges, there was a place for the volume and switch buttons on the right side, and on the opposite side there are two slots for nanoSIM cards (one can be replaced with microSD). On the lower edge there is a 3.5 mm audio jack, a microphone, a USB port of type C, and also one multimedia speaker, in turn, on the upper side you will find a second microphone.

Asus ZE553KL


An important role in any smartphone is played by a display. Here we are dealing with a 5.5-inch super AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. One might say that Full HD with such a diagonal should be replaced by QHD, but only this move will increase the final cost of the device, which with Snapdragon 625 – and so already seems to be high. Also, keep in mind that Full HD at 5.5 “works very well – the density of pixels per inch is 401 ppi, it’s a sufficient density, which provides good visibility and clarity of fonts.

The thing that I have little objections to is the minimum brightness. It does not burn out our eyes when we use the Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL at night, but it causes discomfort, because it burns too bright. The situation a little saves the presence of night mode, although it only affects the inclusion of a blue filter, and not the brightness as such. The maximum brightness showed itself with a very good side and allowed to use the phone without any problems on sunny days. We also have a light sensor that is responsible for automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen – it works very well.

The color reproduction is not the best – the white is slightly pale and the black is not quite black (it does not merge with the border color around the screen). In the settings, you can change the color temperature, as well as the saturation and hue. There is also a saturated color regime for people who love bright colors.

In the display settings, you can also change the font size and style, as well as the display size. In the ZenMotion submenu, we have touch gestures (double-tap to wake up or put the screen to sleep, launch the selected application by drawing the letter assigned to it), motion (turn to mute the sound, hold the calling phone to your ear to answer the call) and mode Use with one hand (double tap the home screen button to start it).

Asus Zenfone 3 ZE553KL review

Work and productivity:

Asus, creating the Asus Zenfone ZE553KL, chose balanced components. Under his body was the 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 2 GHz processor with Adreno 506, working in conjunction with 4 GB of RAM, and all this works on Android version 7.1.1 Nougat with a ZenUI overlay (until quite recently the phone worked for 6.0 Zephyr, Pleases the fact that a corresponding update has appeared).

Well, oh well, do not fool yourself, Snapdragon 625 does not belong to the very productive processors, which is confirmed by the results of synthetic tests. But we will not go into paranoia – the phone works well, does not reflect, does not delay, during its use, no application has closed itself. But the fact is that downloading programs takes longer than in flagship smartphones (but their price is much higher).

The applications in the cache are kept very well, rarely when it comes to rebooting them, with the standard phone usage. However, if you include several demanding programs, the old ones will be restarted.


  • AnTuTu: 62925
  • Quadrant: 23824
  • GeekBench 4:
  • Single core: 873
  • Multi core: 4273
  • 3DMark:
  • Ice Storm: 12113
  • Ice Storm Extreme: 8258
  • Ice Storm Unlimited: 13714

With the games the device does well – there are no problems, you can safely play in Asphalt 8 Airborne or Dead Trigger 2.

And as for errors in work or delays, I had two types of problems – sometimes I do not want to update the time (the clock lacked one digit), and once it happened that the photos in the gallery overlapped when I wanted to change the orientation from the book to Landscape (or vice versa). But serious mistakes never happened.

Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL

Software – ZenUI:

A few years ago, I was very fond of their author’s overlay. I was one of the few fans of ZenUI. But very soon everything changed, and now I think their interface is standard. But it is developing with every update, and I have to admit that it looks more grown-up.

Here many will be pleased with the great possibility of personalization. We can change the theme, the background, the size of the icons and font, the effects of scrolling home screens, the color of the icons, the font, the size of the grid of icons, or even set the selected layout of the system. There are many opportunities, thanks to which the phone can be configured for you.

Asus also has not lost the habit of installing a lot of applications. Here you will find such programs as WebStorage, MiniMovie, Photo collage, laser ruler, ZenCircle, ZenUI FAQ, quick note, Do It Later, ZenTalk, BeatyLive, SimCity and NFS: No Limits. What is important, there is also FM radio. From useful programs, there is a Mobile Manager that allows you to manage phone data, battery (normal mode, productive, energy saving, or very modest), notifications, confidentiality and security, as well as quick cleaning of the phone and its acceleration.

Review Asus ZE553KL

Means of communication:

  • LTE / quality of telephone conversations: did not find any problems; The quality of communication is at a standard level;
  • Dual SIM: a hybrid slot, which means that we can use two nanoSIM cards, or one nanoSIM and microSD;
  • GPS / WiFi / Bluetooth: work well;
  • NFC: no;
  • USB type C: used to charge the phone, transfer data between it and the computer, and thanks to the support of USB-OTG allows you to connect the USB flash drive;
  • MicroSD: if we do not use a second SIM card, there is an option to expand the internal memory, which is 64 GB, and for use remains 52.5 GB.

Review ZE553KL


Located on the bottom edge of the phone, it’s quite easy to cover it with your hand while playing or watching a video. The maximum volume will not be pleasant to many; Speaker regarding quiet. The overall quality of the reproduced sound is very good, in addition, there are six modes and an equalizer.

The sound at the headphone output is quite good, in the settings there is an audio master, with which we can choose one of four modes of sound reproduction when connecting headphones. There is also an equalizer with which you can adjust the sound to your preferences. In general, the sound quality in headphones is estimated as excellent – and the maximum volume is also satisfactory.


The fingerprint scanner:

The active fingerprint scanner in Zenfone 3 ZE553KL is located on the back of the case. It reacts to every touch, although there is a slight delay relative to the fastest flagships of competitors in this section. Nevertheless, the scanner deserves a word of praise.

Moreover, it can be used not only to unlock the phone, but also to take photos, receive a call and start the camera (when the screen is unlocked, it is enough to touch the scanner twice). The most interesting feature, in my opinion, is the blocking of incoming calls, this is the ability to answer a call only after checking our fingerprint – an excellent thing.

Zenfone 3 ZE553KL


If you are looking for a smartphone that is not easy to discharge in a day, the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL is just what you need. Its battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, but the case is not too thick – only 8 mm, but in reality it may appear that it is even thinner.

Okay, but what kind of work does he offer? With my use, as you guessed it, pretty intense, I was not able to defuse the phone in one day. No matter what screen brightness I used, and which modules were included. In my hands, the Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL stood an average of 2-3 days away from the charger (2 days on LTE, 3 days on wi-fi), On the screen I never managed to go below 6.5 hours, but also failed Reach more than 8 hours and fifteen minutes. These results speak for themselves – Asus ZE553KL is an excellent offer to people for whom the main criterion of choice is the time of work.

Charging the Asus Zenfone ZE553KL takes 2.5 hours, which is not a good result, but we must bear in mind that the link has a capacity of 5000 mAh.

Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL


The market is making its debut with more and more smartphones with two cameras. In LG G6 the second lens is wide-angle, in Huawei – black and white, while Asus in the model ZE553KL bets on optical zoom. And so, we are dealing with two cameras – the first standard lens is 13 Mp f / 1.7, and the second, 12 Mp, unfortunately, is already darker, f / 2.6, with a 2.3x optical zoom.

In order to use the optical zoom, go to the professional mode – in the automatic mode also available zoom, but only digital.

Overall shooting quality Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL is very good. Detailing the images is at a good level. Photos can be taken in one of several available modes: HDR Pro, decoration, QR code, night, portrait (software f / 0.95 to f / 22), selfie, miniature, rollback in time, with a smile, big resolution, children, Effect, release, time lapse (timelapse) and panorama.

The video of the main camera is recorded in 4K, and the front camera is recorded in Full HD. Here is one remark – the sound is very quiet.

Summing up:

The biggest advantage of Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL is its battery, which can satisfy even the most demanding users. In second place – the camera, which is the best of all existing smartphones Asus. The pluses also include the latest version of Android – 7.1.1 Nougat, 64 GB of internal memory, a fingerprint scanner, and two SIM cards. What more could you want?

Well, probably, a lower price, because in Europe its price is 540 dollars, which is very much on Snapdragon 625. Although most of all I am surprised at the lack of backlight system buttons, which are located under the screen. It also lacks NFC.

But I find it difficult to find in it a significant drawback, which would dissuade you from buying this device. The Taiwanese managed to create an excellent smartphone that works well and long, and also has an attractive appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • camera;
  • Great work time;
  • General work;
  • Latest Android;
  • FM radio;
  • Notification indicator;
  • Dual SIM;
  • 64 GB of internal memory.


  • No backlight system buttons;
  • Absence of NFC;
  • Quite a quiet speaker;
  • Quite a lot of preinstalled applications.

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