RED Hydrogen

RED Hydrogen One – the first smartphone making holographic images


Do you remember rumors about a RED smartphone with a holographic screen? After several months of silence, the manufacturer returns with new details.

Let’s start with the most important question: When? Unfortunately, no one has indicated the exact date. The representative of the manufacturer said only that in April we can expect a commercial show at the company headquarters, in RED Studios. The phone can be viewed by customers who have decided to make a reservation, as well as partners of RED. With prototypes, only representatives of companies who were interested in the success of RED Hydrogen One could get acquainted.

RED Hydrogen One will be available in the majority of US operators. Sales should start in the summer, and the manufacturer explains the delay in production by the need for additional tests that require separate networks. In free sale, the smartphone will be available a little earlier.

RED Hydrogen One specifications

There is also new information about the specification. The smartphone will receive a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and a 4500 mAh battery. The device will be a little bigger and heavier than a typical 5.7-inch phone, but it should be more reliable. The equipment will also receive a standard headphone jack, USB-C and a hybrid slot for two SIM cards with the ability to use a microSD memory card. The functions of the phone can be expanded with the help of modules – the location of the connectors assumes that this solution is similar to the Moto Mod. Cameras smartphone RED will be able to save not only a holographic image, but also a classic image.

The manufacturer has not yet indicated a resolution in which the holographic image will be presented. It is known that in the case of a conventional flat image, we will have a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, as well as fantastic colors and brightness. The holographic image is likely to have a lower resolution, since the number of pixels will be divided between the individual layers of the image – they can not be counted as in a flat image. The holographic image should be slightly darker, but glasses will not be required to view it. RED Hydrogen One will also be equipped with a surround sound simulation system – headphones or built-in speakers of the smartphone.

The provision of holographic content is attended by leading market players – such as “Big Dogs”. In addition, there was a social network HYDROGEN Network, in which users can post, share and even sell their own holographic work. The manufacturer guarantees that those who decide to buy RED Hydrogen One will not be disappointed.

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