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Phone Nokia 2 – everything we know about it


HMD Global already in the near future should officially introduce the Nokia 2, which will be the cheapest smartphone with the Android operating system in the assortment of the Finnish company. About him, we already know quite a lot, but one of the key issues is still a mystery. Which one?

Nokia 2 will not be a speed demon, but …

Information about Nokia 2 appears from the moment it appeared in the database of the program Geekbench. It turned out that the smartphone will work on the Snapdragon 212 system, that is, a processor that is more suitable for smart watches, not for the phone. Moreover, the equipment will have only 1 GB of RAM.

This data on Nokia 2 is confirmed by AnTuTu, which opened the service SpecsPrice Nigeria. This program indicates that the smartphone with the code mark “TA-1035” really works on a Qualcomm budget system with 1 GB of RAM. But that is not all.

Nokia 2 specifications

The Nokia 2 model, which got to AnTuTu, also has:

  • screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels;
  • 8 GB of internal memory;
  • the main camera at 8 Mp;
  • front camera at 5 megapixels;
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

The specification is not very attractive. Its brightest element should be a 4000 mAh battery, thanks to which, the operating time on one charge should be incredibly large. If, of course, these rumors about Nokia 2 are still confirmed.

… and so will be very popular.

The technical specification of the new HMD smartphone will not significantly affect its sales. Since a lot of things indicate that Nokia 2 will be very cheap. In the US market, its price is $ 99, you can expect that the same price will be in other emerging markets.

Nokia 2 price

In India, Brazil and the countries of Africa the forthcoming novelty of the Finnish company should become an alternative to other budget devices, thanks to which users will have easier access to the Internet and social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Model 2 was made under the Nokia program, the task of which is to provide access to the Internet to a billion users around the world (“The Next Billion”).

Or HMD will put on Android Go, or it will be bad …

The most important question remains unclear. The company HMD Global at every step asserts that all its smartphones will differ in the quality of performance and well-functioning Android. Given that all previous Nokia models, both expensive and cheap, have a high-quality package, we can not worry about the quality of the new model.

It is worth adding that the Finns do not always use a metal frame. Nokia has shown many times that it is also possible to create good cases of plastic. But what about the software? Already available on the market, Nokia 3 does not inspire optimism.

HMD had big problems with optimizing its cheapest smartphone, and this model is much better equipped than Nokia 2. If the company thinks about using the standard Android 7.1.1, it can repel a lot of customers. Even less demanding people who can not spend a lot of money on a new phone, in 2017 have the right to demand that their device work satisfactorily.

Nokia 2 2017

Therefore, the best solution for HMD is the use of Android Go, which Google introduced to I / O 2017. This system should run smoothly on devices with 1 GB of RAM (and less), and for it to be developed lighter versions of many popular programs (e.g., YouTube).

But whether the company uses this system we do not yet know. As everything will be we will already know at the official presentation of the smartphone. Follow our news and soon you will learn much more.

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