Oppo R13

Oppo R13 – another copy of the iPhone X


Would you like to have an iPhone X, but is it too expensive for you? It is possible that Oppo will soon make a smartphone just for you. The new Oppo R13 – to put it mildly – very much resembles the top model of Apple.

We saw this phone in two unofficial photos (see below). It’s enough to throw one quick glance to notice its similarity to the iPhone X. A similar shape, similar camera module, as well as a screen. Inspiration? Rather, just copying. We do not yet know the technical characteristics of the Oppo R13 – but due to the fact that this model is very similar to the iPhone X, it most likely will not appear outside of China.

No less mysterious is the display. If the photos were not processed, then the Oppo R13 does have a display similar to the iPhone X. It has narrow frames, as well as a characteristic indentation at the top of the screen. In this model, you certainly will not find Face ID, but I must admit that the external similarity is really good.

exact copy of iphone xiphone x Chinese copy

The network is haunted by a screenshot of the patent application, which Oppo sent back in September. This application is for a screen with narrow borders and all known indentation. If the document is genuine, we will soon see another copy of the new iPhone. This surprised me a little. I knew that a copy of the iPhone was coming soon, but I thought that it would be made by some unknown company. Nobody expected from Oppo so brazen copy.

Oppo R13

Earlier we already wrote about an interesting clone of the iPhone X, which wears a logo similar to another well-known brand – Xiaomi. The smartphone is called iMi X, but it’s less like an Apple phone than the Oppo R13. iMi X 2-in-1 – it’s a fake smartphone of one brand + counterfeiting the logo of another brand.

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