Monster Fishing 2018 hack

Monster Fishing 2018 Cheats for Android and IOS, add Gold and Diamonds


Monster Fishing 2018 – a realistic fishing simulator with beautiful locations and a huge variety of fish species.

Any of the players has a great opportunity to excel and become the world’s most popular fisherman. To do this, you build to go to the Asian region, where the most unusual and expensive varieties of fish live. Buy the best equipment and show a good reaction in the confrontation with the fish.

Chinese islands

To begin fishing is exactly from these islands. The first type of fish will be the eastern pelamid, which will allow you to earn not only stars, but also gold coins. Naturally, before you start fishing you should look into the gear store, pick up the bait, choose a forest, a reel and much more. It should be understood that for each type of fish you have to change and equipment. It is impossible to catch a huge tuna on a thin line without using any bait.

Accuracy does not hurt

Throwing a fishing rod in the sea you should be as attentive as possible and not be distracted by extraneous matters. As soon as the line starts to twitch you should press the button and start pulling the fishing rod toward you, tilting the device and periodically tapping on the button in the center of the screen. If you overwork, then the line will be broken, or the fish will fail, and the game will be lost. Do not forget to improve equipment and pump skills of your hero. This will allow you not only to catch rare species of fish, but also to open new spaces. If you want, you can compete with real players, getting big winnings if you win.

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