MediaTek Sensio is

MediaTek Sensio – a biosensor, thanks to which the smartphone will make you an ECG


MediaTek Sensio was created with the idea of ​​smartphones biosensors, which will monitor your health.

MediaTek Sensio, that is 6 in 1.

A smartphone equipped with this biosensor will be able to conduct 6 measurements in about 60 seconds:

  • pulse – the number of heart beats per minute;
  • heart rate variability – determining the changes in time between heart beats;
  • trends in blood pressure – collecting and combining data on blood pressure;
  • peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) – measurement of oxygen in the blood;
  • ECG – measurement of electrical activity of the heart at a time;
  • PPG – measurement of changes in blood volume.

How it works?

To measure, you need to grab the smartphone with both hands and touch with the tips of the fingers allocated for this place. Thus, a closed loop is created between the heart and the biosensor, so the collected data must be very accurate.

MediaTek Sensio

The entire module – according to MediaTek assurances – is compact and customizable, so manufacturers can easily integrate it with different types of smartphones.

All hope in the software.

MediaTek Sensio MT6381 is a solution that consists not only of technological devices, but also of software. Based on the software prepared by the company, smartphone manufacturers will be able to create their own applications.

Biosensor MediaTek Sensio

Technology MediaTek looks very cool, but the effectiveness of its use depends on the quality of the application. Weak software has already spoiled more than one health-related accessory. After all, few applications can, for example, detect arrhythmia and inform the user about the risk of a heart attack.

This device has a huge potential, but can smartphone manufacturers use it? Sensio should debut in early 2018, but to implement this solution in the first smartphones, we will have to wait a little. It is not yet known which manufacturers are interested in this development.

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