Light L16 camera

Light L16 – a revolutionary camera that not everyone likes


On the Internet there were first reviews of the Light L16 camera, one of the most interesting new products on the market.

The digital camera, which should become a watershed product in the camera market, that is, Light L16 has already gone on sale. The first users and testers already share their impressions. Recall that the compact camera Light L16 is equipped with 16-dark lenses, the image of which is combined into one photo with a very high resolution. The first impressions of the camera were very good. There were shortcomings, but you can not put an estimate for the camera, not using it for at least a few days.

Now that the network already has several reviews published on respected sites, you can talk about this device. Not all the reviews were positive, and some were completely bad. Only one input is required. Sixteen lenses and many sensors are not enough to replace a good SLR camera.

Light L16 review

Light L16 deserves a word of praise, but, rather, as an interesting concept, which found its realization in the form of a wonderful camera. But this product, did not fully fulfill all the hopes placed on it. As you know, advertising always exaggerates the possibilities of the device to charm the future user. This time the product strategy will not work properly.

Light L16 – reviews of the first users.

Who knows, in the end, this is the first iteration of Light L16, so in a year or two we can count on something better. Or, as suggested by PhotographyBay, the creators of this camera will want to prove that they can do something good and thereby interest a major player in the photo market. Which, as often happens, will buy their technology and deploy it in the right direction.

Light L16 reviews

This is one of the options for the development of the company. Photos with Light L16 have something to blame. It turns out that in this camera there are problems with combining images into one photo, and these problems can be detected with the naked eye. The manufacturer promised to fix these problems by updating the software, but not the fact that he will be able to do it. It is possible that only an improved optical design and other equipment changes will be able to effectively withstand image defects.

The second problem is photos with very large dimensions. These photos need to be processed with special software. Such problems occur in other cameras, but they only concern special shooting modes. In L16, the problem is detected in a standard survey.

Here, a lot of responsibility lies on the software, it was it that made it possible to create a compact camera, but it is not ideal. There is a hope that Light L16 will receive good software and it will create a miracle, but it is unlikely.

With this short article, I wanted to say that it is not worth poking this camera, this is the conclusion I made, having read many reviews of people competent in this field. This camera is really revolutionary, and has no analogues, but it is not complete. It is worth waiting for the second version, but not the fact that it will be.

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