LG V30 Reviews

LG V30 – first impressions. Can I call it a smartphone of the year?


Maybe LG V30 and appeared a little late, but he has every chance to become the best smartphone. That’s what you should know about him.

LG V30 has a good screen, but it has one flaw.

Let’s start with the display, since it caused most of the discussions. As you probably know, the first batch of smartphones that got to customers in the US had defective screens.

But only the first party. According to LG, before the European release the company managed to cope with the problems. Interestingly, some of them were in software; The mistake was that when the black color was displayed, the pixels were not turned on, and instead of black, gray appeared. This problem is no longer there.

LG V30 review

Image quality is really good. The brightness is high, and the colors are clearly more saturated than on the iphone X. In the software, however, you can find additional settings that allow you to adjust the temperature and color saturation to your liking.

Aspect ratio of the screen is 18: 9, thanks to which, in the vertical position, more content is placed on it than in the case of the standard 16: 9 screens.

Disadvantages? A blue radiance appearing at an angle.

Many OLED panels have problems with the blue tint that appears when we look at an angle, but in the LG V30 this defect is very clearly visible. It is enough to turn the screen a little, and the white white turns into a cold blue.

It is a pity that LG did not eliminate this problem. If not for this defect, it would be very difficult to find fault with something.


Attractive appearance.

I’ll start from the back of the case. It is covered with glass, but in the silver version I tested, the material is more like metal. More precisely, it seems that the back cover is made of polished metal.

The dual camera protrudes slightly above the body, and fits neatly into the entire design of the device. The fingerprint scanner is separated from the camera and is mute below, so you will not have problems with lens contamination like in the Galaxy S8.

Since we started on the Galaxy S8, I can not help but mention that the front part of the LG V30 is very similar to it. The narrow frames surrounding the screen with rounded edges look very nice, but I would prefer that LG differ slightly from competitors. Symmetry is also broken here, the frame above the screen is slightly larger than under it.

Of course, the narrow frame and streamlined form can not be underestimated – LG V30, despite the 6-inch screen, perfectly lies in his hand.

LG V30 phone

LG V30 enchanted me with its vibration.

I did not pay much attention to the vibratory engine, but it changed when I first picked up the iPhone 7, in which the vibration was pleasantly different from everyone else.

LG V30 uses competitive technology HD TouchSense, in which you can fall in love with the first vibration.

LG V30

The software uses the capabilities of this technology.

How does HD TouchSense work? Here are a few examples:

  • when you press the virtual buttons you get the impression that they are physical;
  • when virtual sliders appear on the screen (for example, when setting the alarm) to feel as though physical screws are working under the layer of glass;
  • application of the camera after finishing focusing on some object, gives about it a pleasant stroke.

Many phones vibrate in similar situations, but – believe me – the difference between them is very significant. Usually I turn off the vibration, because it annoys me, but with V30 it’s different.

Yes, these are subtleties. Subtlety, which many people may not even pay attention to, but they create a pleasant impression, which is difficult to describe in words.

V30 reviews

And of course the camera.

The LG V30 has two sensors on the rear panel; one with a standard lens, and the other with a wide-angle lens.

This is my favorite combination. And if you add to this the high quality of the photos themselves, then this is just an ideal camera.

V30 review

The smartphone shows miracles while recording video.

Not a photo, but video is the biggest advantage of the V30. There are many functions and settings in the video recording mode. The manufacturer has thought of everything to the last detail, for example, an increase; you can increase not only the center, but also any part of the frame.

I mostly like the standard cinematic effects. LG emphasizes that these are not standard filters that easily change the color of the image, but complex algorithms that deeply interfere with its structure. These are just words, but the main thing is that the effects are really impressive.

On the Internet there are a lot of videos recorded by this smartphone, I recommend to watch it, and you will understand how good this camera is.

Review LG V30

LG V30 can become the device of the year.

The most successful phone in the history of LG has so far been the G2, but the V30 has every chance to shove it to second place. It is thought out and worked out to the smallest detail, and impresses with its capabilities. He has already received many awards, and is considered the most innovative product of the year.

Will it be the best smartphone of the year? I dont know. But one thing I can say for sure – Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X have a strong competitor, and the struggle for the title of the best phone of this year will be intense. Should I buy it? Of course, I’m sure that he will not disappoint you.


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