ThinkStation P520c

Lenovo ThinkPad P52s, ThinkStation P520 and ThinkStation P520c – new items from Lenovo


Lenovo introduced a couple of new ThinkStation, as well as a new ThinkPad, which, according to the company, is the thinnest and lightest four-core notebook that it has ever done.

First I want to tell you about the ThinkPad P52s, which in its thin case hides more power.

We are talking about the four core Intel Core i5 or i7 8th generation, Nvidia Quadro P500 graphics with system memory up to 32GB, and SSD NVMe up to 1TB and up to 2TB on a rotating disk.

ThinkPad P52s

All this is in a notebook with a thickness of 19.95 mm, which weighs 1.95 kg, which is an excellent result for such a device.

The anti-glare display has an ultra-high resolution 4K UHD IPS and wide viewing angles, working behind this laptop will be a pleasure. For added security, it is equipped with a fingerprint scanner.


Lenovo also noted that this laptop is equipped with a long-lasting dual battery, and Lenovo’s PowerBridge technology will ensure that you work as long as possible and do not worry about its power.

But the manufacturer no longer reported any details about the battery.

New ThinkStation from Lenovo.

Now let’s talk about the new ThinkStation. The manufacturer introduced two new computers, the first we saw the P520, and after it was presented a more compact machine – P520c.

ThinkStation P520

Both are equipped with an Intel Xeon W Series processor, which boasts 18 cores and speeds of up to 4.5 GHz.

The P520 has up to 256 GB of RAM and the Nvidia Quadro P6000. It also holds up to eight system drives. The case of the system has the following dimensions: 455 x 165 x 440 mm.

As for the P520c, you can get up to 128 GB of RAM, a Nvidia Quadro P5000 graphics card and up to six system drives. The dimensions of the case are as follows: 175 x 426 x 376 mm.

All these new items from Lenovo will go on sale in late January 2018, and that’s when we will know their price.

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