iPhone Xs

iPhone Xs, Plus and iPhone 9 can receive MediaTek modems. Apple wants to get rid of Qualcomm


The iPhone Xs and its Plus version, as well as the iPhone 9, are smartphones that we’ll see in less than a year. Meanwhile, Apple is already thinking how to become more independent from Qualcomm, with which it has legal disputes. It is possible that next year iOS phones will receive LTE modems from MediaTek and Intel.

Apple has a lawsuit with Qualcomm, which has recently become even more acute. The truth is that the iPhone without LTE modems of this manufacturer simply will not exist. The company with Cupertino does everything it can to get away from the dependence on this supplier. It is possible that next year iOS phones will be equipped with MediaTek chips. This is possible for us to inform Digitimes.

iPhone Xs, Plus and iPhone 9 can receive modems from MediaTek. The Chinese company does not comment on these rumors and only claims that it is doing everything possible to interest its products with more and more potential partners. Even if MediaTek receives orders from Apple, it still will not be the main supplier of these systems. In 2018 a giant from Cupertino, of course, will not be able to get rid of Qualcomm, and this company will continue to supply chips for smartphones with iOS. But its share every year will only fall.

iPhone Xs Plus

Apple will introduce new smartphones around September 2018. We know that they are already under development. The successor to the model iPhone X in the visual plan will not be much different. There will also be a big version with the addition of Plus in the title, which will receive a 6.5-inch OLED screen. In the iPhone 9, we expect to see a 6.1-inch LCD panel. All new phones will receive TrueDepth cameras with Face ID function. Touch ID will disappear completely.

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