Caviar iPhone X Tesla

iPhone X Tesla can be yours for only $ 4,700


The Russian company Caviar made another smartphone for the rich. The question is, will someone like the iPhone X Tesla?

It’s hard to find a person who believes that the smartphone iPhone X is offered at an affordable price. But apparently, such a person still found, because a special version of the model appeared on sale, which will help you lose your wallet by several thousand dollars.

iPhone X Tesla was prepared by the Russian company Caviar. This company makes special offers for the rich. Ordinary people their prices are very much frightening. In this case, the version with 64 GB of memory will cost you $ 4,445. Impressive, is not it?

iPhone X Tesla

Why the price has increased several times? It’s hard to get rid of the feeling that most of this sum we pay for the Caviar logo. The specifications of the smartphone did not change, except that on the rear panel there was a solar battery. But we can not even say whether it is effective, because the manufacturer of a special version did not provide any information. And yet there is a standard addition to the company Caviar, that is, inserts of titanium and 24-carat gold.

And one more thing, the version with 256 GB of internal memory costs 4,700 dollars. Do you like it? If suddenly you are interested in it and want to buy, then Caviar sells through its website.

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