Core i7-8700K

Intel Coffee Lake – preliminary information about the processor models


Many of these six are nuclear. Service Canard PC Hardware revealed some information about the developed models of processors of the Intel family Coffee Lake. According to the editors of the French portal, the company from Santa Clara will release at least five 6-core systems, including four for desktop PCs.

To begin with, we note that this information has not yet been officially confirmed. From these messages it follows that for desktop computers there are two models of Core i7 and two Core i5.

The flagship unit will be Core i7-8700K, which offers 6 cores and 12 streams, with a base clock speed of 3.7 GHz. It received 12 MB of L3 cache memory, the TDP model will not exceed 95 watts. For users who are not looking for a super powerful processor, the company will prepare a Core i7-8700 model that shares most of the specifications with a more expensive processor, but it has a slightly lower processor clock speed – 3.2 GHz.

Core i7-8700

The network has long been rumored about the 6-core and 6-chip chip Coffee Lake. The manufacturer must prepare two such units. According to Canard PC Hardware, the first of these will be Core i5-8600K, running at a clock speed of 3.6 GHz. The processor should use 9 MB of L3 cache memory, and its TDP is 95 W. The second processor is the Core i5-8400, which is likely to be at a much lower frequency. Its base frequency should be only 2.8 GHz. We should also expect from it a lower TDP, which will be about 65 watts.

There is also good information for users who are planning to purchase a productive laptop. Intel is currently testing 6-core models running at 2.0 GHz, which are characterized by TDP at 45 watts. Moreover, the manufacturer should increase its range of four nuclear units, including the GT3e graphics core, and therefore equipped with eDRAM memory. Let’s see what turns out to be true.

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