Huawei Mate 20

Huawei Mate 20 – what can we expect from the smartest flagship of 2018?


After the Chinese company decided to change the numbering of its model from the P series, it appeared that it would do the same with a different model series, that is, with Mate. In 2017, the Mate 10 model was introduced, but in 2018 we will not see Mate 11, instead, it will most likely be Huawei Mate 20. In this article we will talk about the new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer, and tell you what to expect from it . It should immediately warn that these are just rumors and expert opinions, official information will become known only during the premiere. When will we see it? This you will also learn from this article.

But let me not torment you and immediately inform you that the official premiere of Huawei Mate 20 should take place in September 2018 in Berlin, then IFA 2018 will be held. In stores, it will appear much later, sometime in late October.

And now let’s move on to the main thing, to the filling of the smartphone. Below you will see a list of the main components that we should see in Mate 20, and after that, I’ll write more about the smartphone itself. It’s worth noting that this is not the most powerful model, as we also expect to see the Pro model, which will be much more powerful, but at the same time more expensive.

Mate 20

The main elements of the specifications of Huawei Mate 20:

  • FullView screen with a diagonal of about 6 inches and FullHD + resolution, proportions 18: 9;
  • flagship processor HiSilicon Kirin 980, eight core;
  • the maximum amount of RAM: 6 GB;
  • the maximum internal memory is 64 GB;
  • microSD card support;
  • double front camera;
  • double main camera;
  • communication modules: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 6.0, GPS, NFC, LTE, dual SIM;
  • security: fingerprint scanner, eye scanner (not accurate);
  • battery capacity of about 5000 mAh;
  • operating system Android 9.0 with EMUI 9.0.

As you can see, it is much more powerful than its predecessor, mainly because of the processor. Kirin 980 is a processor based on the core of the new type, Cortex-A75. This system will increase the performance and energy efficiency of the smartphone, as well as bring a lot of new from the field of artificial intelligence. According to the manufacturer, the Mate 20 will have new features that we have not yet seen.

Many are interested in cameras, there is accurate information that there will be four, that is, a double behind and a double front. Unfortunately, we do not yet know what modules will be used, this information will appear closer to the premiere, or at the very first night. Will there be external changes? Certainly they will, but what a mystery it is. On the Internet you can find the assumption, the work of various graphs, but the true information is not known to anyone (in the article photo of the model in 2017).

Price Huawei Mate 20 will be beyond the bounds?

Huawei almost always reasonably evaluates its devices, and we hope that this will not change. The price of the device does not exactly exceed the $ 1000 mark, but how much it will cost remains a mystery. We have no choice but to wait for his premiere. Let me remind you that we must see it in September-October 2018. If you want to know the latest information about this model, enter its name in the search box on our website and you will see the latest information.

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