HEIR OF LIGHT – an excellent role-playing game with chic three-dimensional graphics and several unique classes of characters.

One fine night a red moon appeared in the sky, a bloody rain came and the earth was covered with scarlet color. Directly from under the earth began to appear huge towers, filled with creepy creatures, giants, demons and skeletons. The bravest warriors decided to fight the darkness, but even their forces were not enough against such a powerful army of the enemy. You lost the battle, but there remained the main battle. Choose a character and try to clear the ground of monsters.

In the game, a lot depends on the character that you will play and fight for the lands of your kingdom. Each of the heroes is unique in its own way, has certain talents, weapons and skills that you can develop during the game process. In the game everything is interesting, from the pumping system and ending with battles. More attention, oddly enough, deserves the graphic component of the project. The game is completely three-dimensional, it has a lot of cool effects, smooth animation and high detail locations.

Before the start of the next fight you will have to gather a detachment of soldiers, which can include both defenders, soldiers, and support heroes. At the moment of battle, your wards attack their enemies on their own, and you can use their superpowers when they accumulate. Each new monster becomes stronger than the previous one and do not forget about their abilities, for example, control or stun your heroes. For the execution of quests the player will receive the currency and will be able to spend it on pumping abilities / opening new locations.

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