GunTruck hack

GunTruck Hack and Mod for Parts for Android and IOS


GunTruck (hack) – a car action in the post-apocalyptic style, with colorful graphics, dynamic gameplay and extensive opportunities for improvement.

Let’s look at the game

While creating this game, the developers focused on the gameplay, but the story line is superficial, it’s only known that events are developing in the territory of the former United States of America, after a large-scale war, and now the prosperous country has turned into wasteland inhabited by gangs and marauders. You also have to confront criminals.

Let’s get to the battle

The game process is quite simple, your task is to drive a combat vehicle to drive around locations and destroy everything that comes in the way, while you will earn money and resources needed to improve. As a result of the battles, you will have the opportunity to significantly increase the firepower of your car. In addition to single missions, you can try your hand at online battles against other players.

Visual solution

To transfer the atmosphere of the game developers have chosen a rather unusual solution for this direction in the form of colorful cartoon graphics, but the execution of explosions and flares fits perfectly into the overall picture. All locations are worked out to the smallest detail and will allow you to use various shelters, bridges and springboards for more effective combat.

Hack GunTruck Android and iOS works on all devices without an exception and in fact it doesn`t break the rules of the game because in-game purchases are allowed by developers.

Cheat code GunTruck free purchases on iOS & Android:

  • Unlimited Parts – C6xabCE95

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