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Shadow Fight 3 (mod) – the continuation of the legendary series of fighting games, but without shadows and with a more impressionable set of techniques.


We all remember with what success the second part split. It played almost everything and everyone, everyone wanted to get the best weapons and armor, overcome Titan and get up to free the world from the ghosts of the fallen warriors. This time we are invited to go a little different, but very similar path, fighting this time with the great masters of ancient Eastern art, using both kulaks and unique weapons.


The game begins with an acquaintance with the sergeant of the shadow detachment named Otto Jaime. You must obey him in everything and fulfill all his demands. Your first opponent will be a character named Gizmo, a very unpleasant type, but there’s no one to escape. It is from this that you will begin the path of a young soldier, though without a weapon in your hands, but the latter, along with your feet, will become your support, and you can disarm the enemy, pick up a stick / sword / mace or dagger in your hands.


The gameplay in many ways reminds us of Shadow Fight 2 for Android, but with some changes, both in the rules and in the features, which we will now talk about. The first thing that really catches your eye is that the developers have abandoned the usual shadow fights, that is, you will see ordinary fighters standing opposite each other.

There is one great thing here, but the accumulated energy allows you to step into the shadows, and the character will cover with all the favorite effect, will become stronger, faster, and his combinations will do the greatest possible damage to his opponent. It is worth noting that the opponent will be able to use this mode, like you, so it’s better to inflict the critical damage first, rather than after replaying the entire battle.

Weapons and abilities

Victory in the battles brings you gold, it will also be needed to pump up the abilities of your fighter and purchase weapons. You can equip the ward not only with armor, but also steep daggers, damage, which depends on the degree of their pumping. By increasing the level of any of the received items, you simultaneously increase your own chances for long-term victories.


As in the second part of the fighting game, you are encouraged to control the movement of your fighter with the multi-position joystick (it is located on the left side of the screen), and on the opposite side you will find a pair of buttons for kicking and kicking. After that there will be additional buttons responsible for using weapons and special tricks. The last in the game abound, you can combine as punches, legs, and with the weapon itself. To cause more damage, you need to use both the joystick and the buttons responsible for the attack, because the position of the joystick depends on the type of reception being performed.

Graphic arts

The appearance of Shadow Fight 3 on Android is one of the strengths of the project. The developers tried not only to draw the terrain, but also over dynamic scenes, the physics of movement of fighters, the quality of textures and even the smallest details.

Hack Shadow Fight 3 Android and iOS works on all devices without an exception and in fact it doesn`t break the rules of the game because in-game purchases are allowed by developers.

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