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Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade – a marine economic simulator in which your task is to take over the management of a trading company and try to develop it to the largest representative on the market.

Starting the game at your disposal will be only a small fishing village and several fragile boats. To begin with, your task is to build the necessary buildings and a port, launch research and merchant ships, and then you can start to develop your enterprise in more detail. Explore the game world and make trade deals, and invest your money in development.

Let’s take a closer look at the ships

In this game, developers have implemented an interesting feature, a huge selection of ships will allow you to choose the optimal development strategy, with most of the ships actually existed, and some of them were commanded by the most famous pioneers in history. As you develop, you will have access to unique vessels, and for additional tasks you will receive additional bonuses.

Construction and Research

One of the most important aspects in the game is the construction of the port and the development of the adjacent city, as well as the exploration of the game world, which will allow you to establish trade links and enlist the support of the allies, because not infrequently your caravans will be attacked by pirates and competitors. In addition to the gameplay are interwoven with the performance of various thematic tasks, which will require the maximum number of connections.

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