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Rocket Valley Tycoon is an economic strategy with elements of a clicker in which your task is not only to build a metropolis, but also to take part in a space race.

From a small settlement, to a space flight

Despite the fact that in this game you play the role of business tycoon, in the beginning at your disposal will be an impressive amount of money and a small settlement. To begin with, it is necessary to explore mineral deposits and natural resources, then to establish ways to deliver them to settlements and construction and research sites, after which it will be possible to expand the city, build houses, establish infrastructure, build specialized backrooms, laboratories, pads and other. After all, except for the development of the city, your task will be to develop, build and launch a space shuttle.

Let’s pay attention to resources

One of the most important aspects in the game will be extracted resources, their rational use will affect the development of industry and the city, but what tactics to use and in which sectors to invest most of the funds to be decided by you, but it is worth remembering that every direction in the game somehow affects the the rest and giving priority to something one you risk ruining the remaining branches of development.

Combination of game mechanics

The gameplay of this strategy combines elements of an economic simulator, with the game mechanics of the clicker coming to the fore, which is reflected in the management, development system and other gameplay elements.

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