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Mad Carnage is a very unusual turn-based strategy with cars as the main characters.

The actions of the game will proceed in the post-apocalyptic world, where you can observe dilapidated cities, chaos and devastation. This time the developers decided to experiment a little and as humans, neither humans nor robots were chosen, but the most ordinary cars that were equipped with modern weapons. You have to fight with mercenaries, trying to survive in conditions far from ideal.

Escape is not always bad

You will not be considered a coward if you do not fight enemies, but simply hide from their sight. Sometimes you can attack several cars at once and rest assured that you will not be able to stand alone. The further you go on the levels, the more interesting the gameplay becomes. Battles acquire more tactical decisions and that player who can correctly allocate resources and take a more advantageous position on the card will be considered the winner.

Tactics and strategy

Battles take place on the playing field, which is divided into many cells. You initially control only one car, then their number is evenly increased. To make a move you need to choose a car and after the action you need to perform, for example, move a couple of cells forward or attack the nearby car of your opponent. Depending on the current goal, you need either to destroy all vehicles of enemies, or to get to the bottom of a specific point on the map.

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