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Etersand Warriors – epic battles in real time on steep arenas.

It’s not just a multiplayer role-playing game, but a real MOBA with its rules and features. Start your journey to success with training. Here you will understand how to move around the arena, attack enemies and what tasks in general are facing you. Practice helps to improve, do not neglect it.

The task is described in a subhead. To win you will have to destroy not only the enemies, but also the place where they appear. In the middle of the arena there will be bonuses that allow you to gain an advantage over opponents, so they should be selected first. Damage, accelerated regeneration, speed and short-term invisibility for enemies. In the arena there will also be monsters fighting on your side and the opponent’s side.

You will be able to directly control your ward, in charge of his movements and use of abilities. When in contact with the enemy in the zone of visibility, the hero attacks automatically, and the use of the skill remains on our conscience.

For the victory you will receive chests with a reward. Inside, you can find both new heroes and the game currency. The latter should be used to improve the parameters of their characters, to increase their abilities and learn new skills.

Etersand Warriors Hack Android and iOS works on all devices without an exception and in fact it doesn`t break the rules of the game because in-game purchases are allowed by developers.

Free Etersand Warriors Cheats on iOS & Android:

  • Unlimited Gold – HUsz1rT01
  • Unlimited Gems – 1IuTrK49v

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