Zombie Road Trip hack

Free Cheats for Zombie Road Trip, add Money and Unlock all Cars. Mod for Android and IOS


Zombie Road Trip – physical racing arcade with crowds of zombies.

There is no specific plot in the game, most likely, people were infected with a terrible virus, and the only survivor had a hard time – to get out of the city of a full zombie on one of the cars. You will not only be overtaken by an angry mob of zombies, but on your way there will be revived dead men, who can be completely calmly pressed.

The first of your vehicles will be a small car, which, although moving slowly, will still allow your hero to hold out for a while and not die. You need to control the tilt of the car by pressing the buttons on both sides of the display and even if the car turns over – it’s okay, you can continue the game, the main thing is that the crowd of zombies can not catch up with you.

Having earned the first money, try to spend it on buying weapons that will fire when you press the display, but there will not be enough ammo in it, and the time for recharging will still have to wait. In the future, you will be available for steeper cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, powerful guns, gadgets and amplifiers that will allow you to quickly crack down on enemies and pass the maximum possible distance.

In addition to the crowd of zombies chasing you throughout the game, you will come across a variety of types of zombies, collisions with which are not fatal, but slow down your car’s speed, which can lead to a loss. Try to shoot at them from a distance and do not let them close.

Simple design of locations with a large set of animation effects and zombie types. Perhaps the game can not boast of a graphic variety, but in terms of gameplay, it can compete with many modern projects. Music is normal, you can hear the sounds of the crowd overtaking you, as well as the sounds of gunshots.

Zombie Road Trip – a good action-arcade game with zombies, where you need to be able to cope with the natural irregularities of the location and simultaneously fight with zombies. The final score is 5.0 points.

Hack Zombie Road Trip Android and iOS works on all devices without an exception and in fact it doesn`t break the rules of the game because in-game purchases are allowed by developers.

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