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Block Strike – a good combination of team battles and pixel graphics, where you and many other players from around the world, you can compete in accuracy shooting from the steepest guns.

As in CS: GO

Ready to kill all the terrorists and become the best player in Block Strike ?! Then you definitely need to take the steepest weapon, equipment and go to the first card that comes up, where other players compete in accuracy of shooting, tactics and combat strategy.

The game process includes about 15 completely different modes, including: each for himself, team battle, classic, hunter, zombie, survival and many other equally interesting modes. If you want, you can search the servers manually, connect to random rooms with players, or create your own.

Skill decides

All actions take place with a first person view, where you navigate through huge maps, look for enemies and try to destroy them. Naturally, hitting the head takes more health and, thus, allows you to deal with a large number of enemies, but you are not protected from losing. Of course, you can buy a body armor and then the character will become more protected, which will help to withstand more hits, but still do not stand in one place, only a constant movement will not give the enemies a chance to win.

Winning you will earn a game currency, which is worth spending on the acquisition of basic and additional weapons, as well as opening cases and changing the appearance of your character.

Gameplay is more important than graphics

The combination of cubic graphics with realistic physics produced not bad fruits, the characters move plausibly, shooting is also effective only at the moment of short bursts, and in general the locations look interesting. There is no music, but the sounds of shooting are audible all the time.

Block Strike – a good multiplayer shooter with graphics in the style of Maincraft, where the skill of shooting, and not the thickness of the purse wiggles on the result.

Hack Block Strike Android and iOS works on all devices without an exception and in fact it doesn`t break the rules of the game because in-game purchases are allowed by developers.

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