MIUI 10 release date

MIUI 10 is official. The new Xiaomi system will receive many improvements in relation to MIUI 9


MIUI 10 is a new update of Xiaomi software, which has already begun work. The company intends to focus on several areas of its overlays and in the new version an important role will also play artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence more and more appears on smartphones, so it’s not strange that the company is moving in this direction. Concerning MIUI 9, the new patch will receive many improvements.

Xiaomi officially opened work on MIUI 10. This happened during yesterday’s meeting of the group responsible for software development, where the past and the future of the system were discussed. This information was communicated to us by Hong Feng, one of the founders and vice-presidents of the Chinese company.

MIUI 10 should introduce many improvements regarding MIUI 9 from last year. Xiaomi recently released a small update with the number 9.2, which introduced a few improvements. But only in the next big update there will be many new products. Unfortunately, for the details, we still have to wait. The work is still at an early stage, but we know that an important role in the new system will play artificial intelligence.

global MIUI 10

MIUI 10 in the global version will appear in a few months

The debut of MIUI 10 will not be held soon. The truth is that we have to wait a few more months for a new patch. Its premiere for all users of Xiaomi smartphones will take place only in the second half of the year, and maybe even later. For more information you need to wait. The list of smartphones that will receive an update is also unknown. It is worth adding that the system with the number 9 hit up to 40 different devices of the Chinese brand. It’s really very much.

Of course, the new overlay will be distributed with different versions of Android. Xiaomi has been doing this for years, separating its own updates, from updates to Google. Thus, the company is able to ensure the availability of new features even on older phone models, which otherwise would not have been possible.

MIUI 10, of course, will introduce far-reaching improvements. Xiaomi has a chance to prove herself and remains to believe that she will not let you down. Who knows, maybe this system will become even more user-friendly. We should also expect new applications.

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