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Epic Skater 2 – the second part of the magnificent skater on the skateboard streets of the largest cities in the world.

For sure, many of you played in the first part of the project, which gained popularity thanks to a dynamic and exciting gameplay, bright colors and easy management. The second part of the series borrowed from the progenitor all the best and acquired new tracks, tricks, as well as more realistic physics.

For those who have not previously played in the first part of the project, detailed training is provided. It shows how to control a skateboarder, what obstacles await you and what tricks you can perform. The character, as before, moves independently, we can only accelerate it by pressing the screen, and also with the help of the svaypas perform various kinds of tricks that allow you to earn points and money. At the end of the course you will receive a game currency and a pair of chests with new items and possibly precious crystals. The latter will go for the purchase of additional chests and improvements.

In the in-game store, the player is available new skateboards, clothes, tricks, as well as all sorts of improvements and abilities. The latter will include both speed of movement, performed tricks, their amplitude, as well as an increase in game currency for the successful passage of the next level. You can earn currency in two game modes: career and endless race, however, in the latter, any drop immediately ends the game.

Epic Skater 2 Hack Android and iOS works on all devices without an exception and in fact it doesn`t break the rules of the game because in-game purchases are allowed by developers.

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