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Reeven Naia 240 – technical characteristics of the liquid cooling system


High performance and good compatibility. Reeven has added a new Naia 240 liquid cooling system to its portfolio. This device can be used on most of the available AMD and Intel platforms. This system is also characterized by very quiet work, and one of the most important factors that will stimulate its purchase is a low price.

The cooling system Reeven Naia 240 is equipped with a radiator measuring 272 x 120 x 52 mm, on which two fans of 120 mm are installed. They spin at a speed of 300 to 1600 revolutions per minute, and the airflow is from 16.93 CFM (28.76 m3 / h) to 90.28 CFM (153.39 m3 / h) and at the same time create noise at the level of 6.5 to 30.9 dB.

This system also has two fluid reservoirs. The first is on the radiator, and the second is on the processor unit. The capacity, which is on the processor block, can be filled with liquid by one’s own hands, and thanks to the acrylic case the user can perfectly see the liquid level. An interesting feature is also that, complete with this system, we get three dyes, the mixing of which will give us the desired color. Such a replacement for RGB LEDs.

Reeven Naia 240

Reeven Naia 240 is a very versatile equipment. This system can be installed on most platforms, including TR4 (for Threadripper chips), although just here it will be necessary to use a separately purchased set for mounting. The list of compatible sockets looks like this:

  • Intel: LGA 115x / 1366/2011 (v3) / 2066,
  • AMD: AM2 (+) / AM3 (+) / FM1 / FM2 (+) / AM4 / TR4.

The Reeven Naia 240 cooling system is already on sale. For this version you need to pay 109 dollars.

Reeven Naia 240 price

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