Caravan War hack

Caravan War for Andrroid. Hack and Cheats for Resources and Levels


Caravan War – an amazing strategy in which the user will protect his territory from enemies.

In the game it is necessary to erect various structures in order not to let any enemy to his village. It houses auxiliary rooms, such as workshops, academies and garages.

Each building performs a certain function, whether it is healing the participants in the battle or improving the weapons and armor of soldiers. Gradually the village will expand, and it will become more difficult to protect it.

Intelligent battles

In Caravan War there is a single campaign, during which the user will learn the basics of gameplay. This mode serves as preparation for multiplayer battles with other players.

Pull soldiers out on the battlefield, erect defensive towers to defend their territory. For the victory the player receives gold coins and boxes, from which a valuable card with a new unit can fall out.

Free cheats for Caravan War:

  • cheat, which will give a lot of resources – pL8#n11M.
  • cheat, which will open all levels – Lg0#B92r.

Using these codes you will be able to go much further in the game and buy everything you need. If you pass all the levels and do not want to continue the game, then you should install Score Match – this is one of the best simulators of football that exists on this.

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  • I think it’s really cool to see a TD game evolve into a game like this that’s multiplayerish. And it’s awesome to be the bad guys. And the economy system is great.

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