BUBBLEON hack for Characters. Code for Android and IOS


BUBBLEON – arcade game with hardcore gameplay, casual control and stylish minimalistic graphics, in which you have to pass the most complicated randomly generated levels.

Unpredictability in the gameplay

And so, before us is an arcade game with casual control, that is, when you touch the screen your character will move strictly upwards, and once you release the tap, the hero will fall down under the action of gravity, while different types of obstacles, the variety of which just rolls over, rotating saws, moving platforms, scurrying points, circles, ovals and stuff. The main feature of the levels is that each time the sequence of obstacles and their appearance will change.

Record as goal

As it is not difficult to understand the plot in this game is simply not and your only goal is to try to overcome the maximum possible distance, while collecting various prizes and bonuses. It would seem all very simple, but unpredictability and a variety of levels give the gameplay of interest and originality.

Visual Styling

But it’s worth talking about the graphical solution in more detail using minimalistic style, using lines, dotted lines, circles, points, the developers managed to give the picture a completely unusual look, a combination of simple geometric shapes and calm colors create an indescribable atmosphere.

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