Apple TV 5 release date

Apple TV 5 with new features will debut very soon

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A new Apple TV may appear very soon. One of the services involved in patents discovered that the giant from Cupertino filed a new application for a patent in one of the US offices. As the above service, this patent has many updates to this device, and some of them are related to games.

Apple is going to upgrade Apple TV and will add to the platform new opportunities related to games? This is what follows from the new patent that the above-mentioned company registered. The PatentlyApple website reports that last Friday a giant from Cupertino registered a patent, which was a huge update and should be taken very seriously.

Apple TV 5 created by a specialist Sony?

The new patent is associated with the logo of the device itself and refers to the section Internationalal class 028, referring exclusively to games and game consoles. Here it is worth noting that such a patent can be associated with the technology that already exists in the device mentioned, that is, the ability to launch games. Patently notes that in December the giant applied for a patent on technology for next-generation games. It was noted that in the list of engineers involved in the new invention, there is also Norman Wang. This man was a software engineer at Sony, in the PlayStation section.

Apple TV 5

It is not yet known what exactly is going on in the new patent. One thing is clear – such additional information suggests that Apple TV 5 will appear very soon. The details are not yet known, but we can assume that we will see them in the near future, that is already this year. It is possible that the giant from Cupertino is actually going to improve the device in terms of games. The device is already beginning to glow in the news, but we will see it not earlier than in September.

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