Apple iPhone X review

Review of the iPhone X – first impressions, photos and shortcomings


After I first picked up the iPhone X, I wrote that it was the first Apple smartphone I could use every day. The subsequent days spent with him only strengthened me in this conviction. But let’s take a closer look at the iPhone X. Maybe we’ll find some flaws.

This phone is more pleasant to use than other models of this manufacturer. It has an OLED screen and a more compact size, hence its more comfortable to hold in your hand. This is what made me interested. But this is not the only thing the model X can boast of. Let’s start by acquainting ourselves with its characteristics.

iPhone X review specifications

IPhone X specifications:

  • display Super Retina HD 5.8 inches 2436 x 1125 pixels, 19.5: 9, 3D Touch;
  • A11 Bionic processor with support for M11;
  • 3 GB of RAM;
  • iOS 11.1;
  • Face ID;
  • 12 megapixel camera + telephoto lens (f / 1.8 + f / 2.4), OIS, Live Photos;
  • front camera at 7 megapixel, f / 2.2;
  • Wi-fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac;
  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • LTE;
  • NFC (but only for Apple Pay);
  • GPS, Glonass, Galileo;
  • IP67 (water resistance – 1.5 meters for half an hour);
  • stereo speakers;
  • battery capacity of 2716 mAh;
  • port Lightning;
  • wireless charging (induction);
  • Dimensions: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm;
  • weight: 174 g.

I could not restrain myself and bought it. So far, I do not regret, as on the first day of the iPhone X I was impressed with a very good impression. This is the iPhone I was waiting for.

Apple iPhone X

He’s really good.

I saw the iPhone X in photos and videos, so I knew what to expect, but in reality it looks even better. The frame has the same width practically on the whole surface, so that it seems that there are none at all. But this is only an illusion, because the entire screen occupies less than 83 percent of the entire frontal part.

The illusion spoils the cutout at the top of the screen. I would prefer not to have it, but it also makes this smartphone more modern and unlike other devices that are already available on the roar.

Does this cutout interfere with daily use? He sometimes distracts my attention from the content, but I hope that in a few days I will get used to it.

In the silver version, I like the metal frame made of stainless steel. It is very sparkling and impressively breaks the rays of light, this is due to the fact that it is rounded.

If it is a question of the back part, then I can only carp at the strongly protruding camera. Such a visual flaw slightly spoils the image of the phone of the future.

When the screen is off, the entire front part looks almost perfectly symmetrical. But it also has its drawbacks – I often lift the iPhone X upside down.

Apple iPhone X photo

The display itself is very good.

Apple, finally, abandoned the LCD technology and gave preference to the matrix OLED. The biggest plus of this screen is the ideal depth of black.

The colors are sharper than in the previous iPhone, but it can be seen that Apple has adjusted the colors in such a way as to preserve their naturalness. The image quality is excellent, but it’s a pity that the company did not follow in the footsteps of Samsung and does not allow playing with colors, because I would change them a little.

Not all applications use new screen proportions.

Instead of a standard screen with 16: 9 aspect ratios, there are some unusual proportions used here – 19,5: 9. If the application is adapted for the iPhone X, then vertically it shows much more content.

Unfortunately, the specific nature of the iOS system requires software changes in each individual application, and many of them do not yet support such a format. Effect? Black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, they spoil the look of the smartphone and make it completely normal.

I think that developers of popular programs will quickly take up the changes, as non-standard smartphones will soon become the standard. Well, if you use a little popular applications, then you will have to wait a little, maybe even a few years.

iPhone X

The iPhone X is a compact phone, but it looks rather thick and heavy.

I was surprised by the relatively small size of the iPhone X. The length and width is very similar to the one I’ve used so far, the iPhone 7, which has a much smaller screen. But I read about its size before I bought it, so here I knew what to expect.

But the surprise for me was its greater thickness. On paper, it’s only 0.6 mm thicker than the iphone 7, but that’s enough to feel the difference. In the end, it became thicker by almost 10 percent. No, I’m not complaining, as I am happy that thanks to this, its battery is more capacious than in the “seven”. But if you are used to a thin device, you will be a little surprised.

In the context of sizes, it surprises quite a lot of weight (174 grams), but this can not be considered as a minus. Models 5 and 5s were also massive, and many liked it. For me, weight is not very important, but you must know what to expect.

iPhone X owners reviews

The new iPhone lies perfectly in the hand.

Apple has used not very slippery materials here. On the contrary, when they come into contact with the skin, they create quite a lot of resistance, so that the smartphone lies confidently in the hand.

The glass flickers quite strongly and easily collects dirt, but in a light version, fingerprints are not conspicuous.

Face ID – this is still a pleasant surprise.

I do not hide that removing the fingerprint scanner in favor of the face scanner inspired me with the greatest fears. Especially after I read somewhere that it does not work very well.

I have not used the iPhone X for a very long time, but in almost all conditions in which I had the opportunity to test it, Face ID works quickly and smoothly. Even sunglasses do not pose a problem for him.

Once the scanner failed me when I just woke up. I grabbed the phone to read the messages, but my face was not recognized, then I was asked to enter the PIN code. Out of curiosity, I blocked the phone and tried to unlock it a second time – again to no avail. Only the third time the attempt was successful.

I asked on Twitter if anyone had ever met with a similar situation. Two people also had problems after awakening. Face ID has some problems with face recognition, but they are very rare.

iPhone X review

Impressive viewing angle of the scanner.

The scanner perfectly recognizes the face under different, even strong angles. When the iPhone X lies in front of me on the table, and I want to quickly check something without lifting it, I just need to tilt it a little, no more than it is necessary to read something on the screen.

So in other situations, when in a hurry I get the phone out of my pocket at a strange angle. Or when I furtively look at it slightly pushing out of my pocket. Even the distance of the smartphone from the face does not matter much; the length of the outstretched arm is not a problem.

But unlocking the iPhone X is not so easy if you do not want it.

During the scan, you need to have not only your eyes open, but also look toward the iPhone for about a second. I conducted a small experiment, wanting to check whether it is possible to unlock it without the owner’s will. This is very difficult to do.

Just need to twist your head or eyes. While the view does not stop on the phone, he will not respond. The thief can not unlock it, quickly pulling it out of his pocket and sending it to your face, of course, if he has a gun, things will be a little different.

I have not yet revealed any serious defects in it, maybe they will appear, but so far I am pleasantly surprised.

Apple iPhone X reviews

New gestures require habit.

The iPhone X does not have a Home button, so you’ll have to learn new gestures. The main thing is dragging your finger from the bottom edge upwards, which allows you to return to the main desktop.

It’s not difficult to remember and easy to get used to, but at first I constantly involuntarily pressed on the bottom of the screen, instead of making a gesture.

Nevertheless, switching between open applications has become faster and more convenient. Just swipe your finger across the bottom line from side to side.

I do not like the activation of the control mode with one hand. Previously, to move the screen down, you had to double-finger over the Home button (without pressing). Now I need to make two movements down near the bottom edge, for some reason, this gesture does not always work as it should.

Screen gestures are easy to change, so I’m counting on all the flaws to be fixed in future updates.

Apple iPhone X vs

iPhone X is the iPhone I was waiting for.

I used the iPhone 7 for over a year and I really liked the iOS system. iPhone X has basically everything I missed:

  • large screen in a compact package;
  • matrix OLED;
  • double chamber.

Prices, unfortunately, bite a bit, but I do not regret that I bought this smartphone. These are my first impressions of the iPhone X, I’ll write a more detailed review when I get a little better acquainted with it. Write in the comments so you want to know about it. Or your impressions of this device.

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