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Android 9.0 will introduce an updated design and support for displays such as the iPhone X

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Android 9.0, also known as Android P, is already in development. Bloomberg published a report on what Google is preparing for this year. The interface of the software will change, which has not happened for several years already. We also know that it will be adapted to non-standard screens, such as in the iPhone X.

Android 9.0 debuts this year, but a little later. We will get the exact information about the new software at the Google I / O 2018 conference, which will be held in May. But what can we expect from this system we learned from the Bloomberg report.

Android P is developed under the code name “Pistachio Ice Cream” (pistachio ice cream). It is possible that the name will change, at least it will be shortened. Google intends to introduce a lot of visual changes to its new software. As we know, the last major changes in the look of Android were introduced in the version of Lollipo (5.0) several years ago. The giant from Mountain View believes that by increasing the attractiveness of the system, many current iPhone users will want a smartphone with Android. They also believe this because iOS 12 will not receive the planned new features. This year, Apple only optimizes its system, and new features will appear in one year.

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Android 9.0 will also support screens of a new type that has the iPhone X and Essential Phone. It’s about displays that have a cutout at the top. As we well know, this year such smartphones will become much more. The giant from Mountain View can not ignore the new trend, and it must adapt its system to it. In addition, improved support for various types of devices will be provided. Here we are talking, in particular, about the new Samsung Galaxy X, which has a folding screen.

Android 9.0 will be even more integrated with Google Assistant, which should not be surprising. The company from Mountain View is going to continue to develop its assistant. Rumors even suggest that application developers can integrate it directly into their projects.

Android 9.0 will appear in March, but only for developers.

The appearance of Android P will have to wait. Most likely, his premiere will take place in the second half of the year, as it was in previous years. And in March the software should fall into the hands of application developers. You can test it on Google Pixel series devices.

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