Allview X5 Soul

Allview X5 Soul – What do we know about it?


Barcelona is already preparing to host hundreds of thousands of visitors who have arrived in Catalonia to see new technological innovations, to participate in various conferences, exhibitions and to visit countless stands with electronics. Participants of the exhibition strive to surprise the guests and show something new. This year the company Allview wants to flash a little with its new flagship.

Allview decided to open the veil of secrecy and tell a little about what it is going to show on MWC 2018. It will be the successor to Allview X4 Soul Infinity Plus and at the same time the first smartphone of this manufacturer that uses neural network technologies. For what? It is not known yet.

The Romanian manufacturer also reports that the X5 Soul will have a large power reserve. It should be provided by the Mediatek processor, based on the ARM Cortex-A73 architecture. Allview does not say what kind of unit it is, most likely it’s the Helio P70, an eight-core processor made using 12nm technology. Four cores of Cortex-A73 operate at 2.5 GHz, and four more – 2 GHz. We assumed this, as we know for sure that the first smartphones with Helio P70 we will see at the MWC.

X5 Soul

What else will please Allview X5 Soul?

The successor to the X4 Soul Infinity Plus can not be worse than its predecessor, so it will have a minimum of 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. In addition, X5 Soul will be equipped with a new version of the voice assistant. AVI, which understands commands in a variety of languages.

The screen of the smartphone will have 6.2 inches, it shows an image in Full HD + resolution. On the title photo, which is also an invitation to the premiere, it is clear that the company decided to follow the heels of other manufacturers. Allview decided to equip the X5 Soul display with a characteristic cutout at the top (in the photo, the article shows the old model – X4). In addition, we know that a smartphone can be unlocked using a face. It is not yet known whether he has a fingerprint scanner. Most likely, it is on the back of the device.

Allview X5 Soul, of course, will not be a hit at the exhibition in Barcelona. But I think that the manufacturer still holds some kind of ace in the sleeve, which should surprise us.

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